Myposeo: the first French SEO tool to offer a Google Data Studio connector


The Myposeo tool is constantly being improved in order to facilitate the task of tracking visibility on search engines. A few months ago, we launched new versions, which were more suitable for the market, and since then we have wanted to adapt our product to external tools allowing the creation of dashboards, which are used by many advertisers or consultancy agencies.

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that we have set up a native Google Data Studio connector. Myposeo has now become the first and only French tool to have this function.

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Myposeo news: Keywords suggest tool & detailed SEO tracking


Last week, we unveiled the new face Myposeso solution, as well as its new identity, Myposeso Pro.

As we’ve already discussed, this update also involves new features. Today, we’re prepared to reveal detailed SEO tracking and our keyword suggestion tool.

Here’s a short overview of these two highly anticipated major features.

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How to choose myposeo tools and offers ?

You’re currently on a free test of myposeo rank tracking solution or your offers has just expired and you would like to renew by taking advantage of news tools ? This article is here for you. It will allow you to choose your account and understand the vocabulary used for the constitution of our new online offers updated at the beginning of 2015.

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SEA Tracking and Audit presentation

Available for quite some weeks but not yet fully revealed, we are proud to inform you that our tools for analysing sponsored link campaigns (SEA) are now completely available. Developed to provide additional analysis to SEO tracking, SEO audit and SEM Analysis market tools, the SEA tracking and SEA Audit tools will allow you to enrich the … Read more…


Create your customised dashboards with myposeo !


As we announced you by the end of the year,  you are now able to customise your reports.

For a few days the myposeo tool has integrated a “Reports” tab to its interface. This new feature allows you to create in a few minutes a customised dashboard by choosing your KPIs, graphical format from our library, layout and size of blocks allowing you to fully adapt yourselves to the various problems of your customers.

Note that you can make custom reports of SEO Tracking, but also of analysis market and SEA Tracking.

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Update: Analyse the positions of your keywords in pixel and their competitive environment

It’s a new year begins and we booked you many news for 2015!

To begin this new year, myposeo launches its new 3.9 update. We are always worried about requests of our users and we hope that these new features shall answer quite all your expectations.

This version affects mainly the SEO tracking tool that is still evolving in order to give you indicators to better understand the movements of your site and your competitor in SERPs.

Let’s do a tour of the 3.9 update new features :

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New update of SEO Tracking tool: v3.8

The new v3.7 version has been online since November 12th. As we announced when it was released, another important update was in deployment.

Today, the version 3.8 is finally launched. It is still about the SEO tracking tool that changes the “look” and still offers more features to measure and analyze the data of your position and of your competitors.

Here is a list of the new features of the 3.8 myposeo offers.

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Launch of myposeo 3.7: what’s new


For more than 4 years now, myposeo has been in constant evolution and has tried hard to meet your expectations. For the past few months we have been working on numerous updates of security and databases to improve the use of the tool. The new v3.7 version, which is the largest update carried out since the merger of myposeo with the SEMvisu tool, was launched this Wednesday, November 12. This update affects mainly the SEO tracking tool which is evolving to become a genuine tool for tracking performance and search engine optimization visibility by going beyond rank tracking.

 Let’s do a tour of the new features of the 3.7 update.

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