Myposeo: the first French SEO tool to offer a Google Data Studio connector

The Myposeo tool is constantly being improved in order to facilitate the task of tracking visibility on search engines. A few months ago, we launched new versions, which were more suitable for the market, and since then we have wanted to adapt our product to external tools allowing the creation of dashboards, which are used by many advertisers or consultancy agencies.

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that we have set up a native Google Data Studio connector. Myposeo has now become the first and only French tool to have this function.

The Myposeo Connector for Google Data Studio

In 2016, Google launched Data Studio, a free tool for viewing data and generating reports. Its connectors allow data to be extracted from different sources including Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Sheets.

Good news!

Myposeo has just set up a connector for Google Data Studio. So we have become the first and only French SEO tool to have this connector, which you will find in the list of community connectors.


If you are a premium user of Myposeo Pro or Myposeo Insights, you will now be able to import all your SEO and SEA data in Data Studio and create powerful dashboards complete with indicators, directly from your personal account. You will just need to select this option and use the API key dedicated to the connection, which you can request from our support services.

So you can centralize and create dashboards, to cross-reference data from different options (Search Console, Google Analytics etc.…)



To access this function, please contact our support services. For further information, go to this page.

Go one step further with Myposeo Insights

Data Studio is a very popular choice as it allows you to gather data directly from Google Analytics, Google AdWords or from the Search Console. But the visualization and data available can be somewhat limited and also the data from the Search Console cannot be kept (only last 90 days available). That is why we have developed syncing with Google Search Console and Google Analytics tools in order to integrate comprehensive records into Myposeo Insights.


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