Myposeo partners with Webedia and consolidates its offer for brands

After several months of discussions, we are very pleased today to announce that Webedia, the French company headed by Cédric Siré, joined Myposeo in late February. Webedia is thus a privileged partner for the construction of its Webedia Technologies division, while we have the opportunity to work with a large group with lots of intricacies that will help evolve our tools very quickly and allow us to market new offers for brands.

A common development project

For 7 years now, we have been working on the development of the Myposeo solution for agencies and brands. Our priority has always been innovation and evolution of the platform, which is now used by more than 1,500 customers on a daily basis.

We have learned a lot from our many exchanges with service engine providers (SEO), agencies and advertising experts, and have built a robust tool that can handle large volumes of data while listening to the market because of how flexible we are.

It is this flexibility, the ability to work on major issues and the development of new offers for brands that have attracted Webedia, with whom we have just concluded a majority capital acquisition agreement.

For our users: even more evolutions and more services

For all our users, nothing changes! Or rather, everything will change much faster. We will benefit from a greater development and a consolidated vision that will enable us to propose new evolutions of the platform. We will strengthen our technical infrastructure and always offer more data in the tools.

A segmentation of our offerings will soon enable us to propose specific tools to all types of companies, and thus to better adapt to all requests. This is in line with the redesign of our brand made at the end of last year.

An offer for brands

As we are able to do today with major brands like Total, Saint Gobain and PSA. Myposeo will shortly offer a unique tool for in-house SEO marketers and SEO experts. The objective of this tool will be to support brands in defining the perimeter of their visibility measure in order to accompany the management of their strategy via big-data decision-making tools.

At the same time, Myposeo will work with the brands of the Webedia group (Easy-Voyage, 750g, Allociné) to consolidate its functionalities and thus propose innovations that are always more in line with advertisers’ problems.

An international deployment of Myposeo Pro

Lastly, the opportunity for Myposeo to work with Webedia will be an important accelerator in the deployment of our Myposeo Pro offer to agencies, internationally. With new features, Myposeo Pro will soon be launched in different languages, which, hopefully, will have as much success as it jas had France.


An exciting project for our entire team

Our team of 10 people will join the Webedia offices in April, still managed by Thomas Skowronski and myself, Alexandre Sigoigne. We are truly delighted with this long-term partnership, which values our vision of SEO tools. We look forward to presenting all the developments and enriching our experience alongside this great group.


Marketing manager @myposeo, community manager and writer.

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