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The Google algorithm takes into account the links made from external websites to your website (backlinks) to advance your web pages in the results of its search engine. It is important to know and “optimise” the links pointing to your website or blog. Although the Google commande “” provides an initial list of beneficiary websites connections, it is limited. Netlinking (the creation of … Read more…


Track your SEO mobile with myposeo


Mobile is the first device connected to Internet. In 2014, Google wanted to improve the user experience of its engine for its mobile version.

Starting in July, Google began to feed its mobile search results by including additional descriptions and then it tested an icon to allow users to indicate the websites compatible with mobile.

Shortly after this test, it announced the arrival of the “Mobile-Friendly” label in the SERP and the mobile optimization as relevance criterion for its algorithm. After this, the search engine tested new features in its mobile results as a new interface (thumbnails in SERP, color to its Knowledge Graph). As of January 2015, Google started warning webmasters whose websites were not “Mobile-Friendly” and it was made official on its blog, that mobile compatibility as SEO criterion is executed in real time and page by page.

Tracking mobile ranking has become just as important as tracking the ranking on a desktop. In this article we will see various points to help you track your SEO mobile with myposeo.

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