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The Myposeo Student Programme allows students studying in our partner schools and registered schools FREE access to the online tool for a period of 1 year.

Each student will have the ability to track their personal websites’ rankings as well as their school projects on Google. In addition to this, they will also benefit from many other complementary features offered on the tool.

This program aims to introduce an SEO and PPC analysis and monitoring tool used by multiple companies and SEO experts, to future web marketing professionals.

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Benefit from Myposeo's Student Programme

To benefit from the student programme, your school must provide training courses or in Marketing, Web Marketing or SEO.

Schools may register to this programme by sending the required documents to our Marketing department.

After registering through your school, students can easily register online by filling out the form provided at the bottom of the page and attach their school certificate along with the form upon submission.

Partners Schools

Below is a list of institutions within our network of partners offering Myposeo’s Student Programme. If you work at a school, university or are undertaking in a training course and would like to join our student program, feel free to contact us.

You may share the programme with your students only when we have added your institution’s logo to our network.

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