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Our different modules are designed for marketers and SEOs to optimise their time doing outstanding and automated actions & reports

4 powerful modules for different SEO issues



Create and personalise your reports to visualise you SEO/ PPC campaign performance. Choose from over 150 KPIs

SEO Performance Tracking

SEO Rank Tracking

Track your website’s ranking on the search engines on selected keywords and monitor your SEO strategy

SEO Visibility Audit

SEO Visibility Audit

An all-encompassing audit tool on up to 10 pages. It shows you a detailed overview of the composition of search engine results

Keyword Master

Keyword Master

A comprehensive module that suggests and auto-categorises keywords to created optimised SEO and PPC content



Tools to help SEO consultants to format or collect semantic, technical or result
page data



Discover hundreds of new expressions linked to your website to enhance your content writing and optimise SEO strategy

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Analyse the French market among more than 30 million keywords and 28 million domains and subdomains analysed each month.

Aggregate data from your favorite tools

Integrating and retrieving data from/to different services (APIs) has never been easier.

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synergies seo sea
SEO/PPC synergy in Myposeo

In this case, we will be highlighting the synergy between SEO and SEA (PPC) in search results pages. We will see, step by step, how Myposeo Insights can increase your performance and maximise your ROI by combining data collected using the two methods.

Tracking physical points of sale

When we talk about the issue of localised tracking, what exactly are we referring to? We want to know the ranking of our physical points of sale in search engines for a given location (a particular city) and terminal, SERP results being personalised based on those two factors

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