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The Tool that Helps YOU !

If you participate in our Bloggers programme, here’s what you can benefit from

A specific Myposeo account

Myposeo is a free tool that limits the features you have access to with a test account. Because of this, we offer you access to a specific account based on what features you want to test, so you can assess the tool with suitable features. To benefit from this privilege your blog must surround topics such as: Marketing / Emarketing / Ecommerce / Affiliate Marketing / SEO/ Sponsored Links / Web development / etc.

Contest, Gifts and Giveaways

It’s always interesting to discuss new tools that you have tried and tested with your readers. That’s why we are on board with you organising giveaways or competitions and offering products or free trials of the Myposeo tool to your readers.

Each request related to your article will be analysed so your blog can get the visibility it deserves and your readers are satisfied.

Topics Suggestions

To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of topics that you can write about with regards to the Myposeo tool.
Feel free to choose one of these or create your own.

List of possible topics :

Partners Bloggers

Here are some of our Blogger Partner.
Join the programme if you have influence in the Marketing industry and want to share your thoughts, contact us here.

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