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Rank tracking API

Myposeo provides professional 3 API. They allow you to manage your myposeo account remotely or use our technology to make your own rank tracking calculations, at the request. Several offers are available to fit your needs.

API allows you to get data from your account so that you can use them in independent platforms.

Connexion is made by private key (secure and authenticated connexion).


This API is used to read data contained in your Myposeo account and to make it changes very quickly. It is available for our 5 modules and allows you to be independent on the management of your account.

APIs documentation for each tool:

SEO AuditSEA Audit – SEO TrackingSEA Tracking


This API allows you to use all the power of Myposeo engine to perform your own SEO and PPC reports. You make a call and we send you the results found on engine via a callback system.

API Search :

Access to API Search documentation


API Market allows you to retrieve all data posted in the market module. After sending your request, our engine pre calculate data and return you the complete list of requested data via a callback.

API SEM analysis: 

Access to API SEM analysis documentation

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