Our APIs

Myposeo offers three professional APISs that allow you to manage your Myposeo account remotely, or use Myposeo technology to make your own rank tracking calculations whenever you wish. We have multiple offers available to best suit your needs.
The API allows you to get data from your account and use it on independent platforms. You may connect the API through a private key (secure and authenticated connection).

Our different APIs

API Account

The API is used to read data saved in your Myposeo account and make changes rapidly. It is available on 5 features and allows you to independently manage your account.

API Search

The API allows you to use all the strengths of Myposeo’s platform to create your own SEO and PPC reports. You make a call, and we we send you the results found on the search engine by calling you back.

API Market

API Market allows you to retrieve all data information available in the Market Analysis feature. After sending in your requests, our platform calculates the data and gets back to you with a complete list of the data requested via our callback system

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