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Custom SEO reports

Myposeo's reporting module allows you to create, compile and customise performance and visibility reports. Integrate data from all tools (SEO/PPC Tracking, SEO/PPC Audit and SEM Analysis) but also from external tools thanks to connectors that allow you to import any API, Google Sheet or XML file.

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Reports for all your SEO and PPC issues​

You wish to follow the migration of your site, the local performance of your points of sale, the evolution of Google pages or the conversions of your pages. Myposeo’s comprehensive SEO and PPC reports allow you to use a wide range of data sources in an optimal format.

Create fully customised SEO and analytics reports

Consolidate all the data from your monitoring and auditing modules into comprehensive, fully customised and automated reports.

Choose your
report type

PDF to print, dynamic report to view online, PPT to send or simple CSV file to upload to an FTP, anything is possible!

Customise your visualisations

Choose the formatting and visualisations of your data (tables, graphs, bars, pie charts, etc.) from a library of more than 20 graphs. Customise your theme with your company colours and logos.

your sendings

Schedule and receive your weekly or monthly reports and focus on statistical analysis. Receive them by email or deposit them on a server to keep a history of your data.

Main features of SEO Analytics Reports

Simple SEO and PPC reports, easily updated, to share, copy, export without difficulty.
  • Report Templates
  • Multi-data source
  • Customisation
  • Schedule Report Sendings

Use report templates

Quickly visualise your data from a dozen predefined report templates.

Create your own report templates according to your needs to save maximum time.

Converge all data

The Reports module allows you to visualise and cross-reference the data from your various Tracking or Audit projects, both SEO and PPC.

Reports can be synchronised with all the data from your favourite tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Majestic SEO, and many more…

Better than Google Data Studio, we keep a history of the data from these external sources, so that you can always access them.

Customise reports to infinity

More than 100 block models available from our data visualisation library.

Move, resize, change the colour of your blocks and graphics to create unique dashboards.

Choose from over 150 KPIs and customise the data-visualisation of your SEO visibility data.

Schedule the sending of reports

Share your reports directly, by email or via a sharing link, with your teams or end customers.

Schedule and receive your daily, weekly or monthly reports and focus on statistical analysis.

Case studies of use

migration https
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

In this article, we will take a look at how to set up tools to help you keep track of your migration, measure its effect on ranking and be notified of any possible issues.

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