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Are you looking for tools to help you format or collect semantic, technical or SERP data? Use our different tools dedicated to SEO consultants that will help you speed up certain redundant or difficult tasks.

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The Myposeo toolbox offers 3 tools

Save time on punctual analyses and audits of your pages or content.

  • Content Analysis
  • Expression Generator
  • SERP Explorer
toolbox - content analysis

Content Analysis Tool

toolbox - expression generator

Expression Generator Tool

toolbox - serp explorer

SERP Explorer Tool

SEO Toolbox Case Studies

case study pixel ranking
Pixel Ranking Case Study

Myposeo’s Pixel Ranking revealed that Company X’s site was not visible above the fold as it had been pushed down the SERP due to Universal Search and Rich Snippet results appearing above them. After 3 months of monitoring and adapting SEO content, the number of keywords triggering a Featured Snippet result increased.

migration https
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

In this article, we will take a look at how to set up tools to help you keep track of your migration, measure its effect on ranking and be notified of any possible issues.

Consult our other complementary modules

Keyword Master

A comprehensive module that suggests and auto-categorises keywords to created optimised SEO and PPC content.

SEO Visibility audit

An all-encompassing audit tool on up to 10 pages. It shows you a detailed overview of the composition of search engine results.


SEO Analytics Reports

Create and personalise your reports to visualise you SEO/ PPC campaign performance. Choose from over 150 KPIs.

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