4 Reasons Why you need to Track your Keyword Rankings on Search Engines

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The challenge of every webmaster owner is getting their website ranked on search engines to generate traffic, specifically on the first pages, that will allow it to meet its business objectives (sales, awareness, get in touch with them, etc.)

Given that search engines index websites, which brings in it visitors, it is important to monitor the evolution of wesites’ rankings in search results through Rank Tracking tool. But why? Here’s 4 reasons why.

1- To Determine the Keywords to Optimised

Determine Keywords according to Position you have Acquired

The first thing to do before setting up a relevant SEO strategy, is to accurately assess your website’s current ranking. The purpose of this is to understand exactly which keywords you rank on, and which page of Google your website is currently ranks on.

The first thing to do before setting up a relevant SEO strategy, is to accurately assess your website’s current ranking

choose keywords
Analyse the keywords analysis that are currently ranked on the first page of the search engine.

This helps you ask yourself the right questions, and define a list of keywords or complementary strategic keyword expressions on which you wish to be ranked on, according to the quality and quantity of potential traffic generated by them.

It is important to note that keyword positions affect optimal prioritisation on the search engine. So, it may be easier to move from position 18 (on the second page) to the first page, rather than being ranked on a keyword which does not appear in the first 10 pages of Google.

Determine the Keywords from the Competition

A global market analysis of all rankings shows you the current players and websites in the same business sector with visibility on search engines. By observing the competition, you can compare your website with the best one and find optimisation opportunities (keywords having interesting volumes but being less competitive)

2 – To Measure the Evolution of your Ranking Position

Your rises!

By analysing rankings and traffic, you can measure the impact of your SEO efforts, identify strengths, weaknesses and effective solutionsto optimise your SEO. A technical update or content on your website, new links (backlinks) or simply Google algorithm may be the cause of a rise in your ranking. It is necessary to measure it to be able to analyse and understand it.

seo victoires

And your falls…

seo defaites

Everything changes very quickly on SERPs (search engine results pages) so you need to be vigilant. If some falls in rankings are progressive, others can be very brutal. This is why it is essential to monitor your position, regularly and establish alerts.

3- To Know if you have been Punished by Google

An algorithm sanction is a penalty given to website owner when Google believes that you do not respect its rules and instructions. The penalty may be immediate – as soon as your page has been indexed by a Googlebot.

fall algo website

There are two kinds of penalties:

  • A minor penalty, concerning one or more keywords.
  • A major penalty, impacting the entire website. Which means it may no longer be visible on the keywords on which it was previous ranked.

The best way to spot a possible penalty is to analyse the website’s positions and traffic.

In the error category, there are also technical errors or redesigns which can cause important falls in ranking. Remember robots.txt? No index on your pages? Access behind an htaccess? The list goes on. That’s why, in addition to the tools for onsite analysis, it is important to track keywords’ positions.

fall SEO positions robot
Tracking the top 10 keywords rankings, and change of position, further to a robot.txt.

4- To Assign Keywords to the Traffic Generated to my Pages


We addressed this in our another article on the Not Provided Information by Google Analytics, including Myposeo’s method of estimating the traffic generated by the ranking of each of your keywords. Rank tracking allows you to detect traffic generated by a keyword. Tracking search volumes and its changes to your keywords is also very important.

For example, for the fioulmarket.fr website: the estimated traffic increases steeply. The reason why was because of the seasonality of a keyword being tracked, whose traffic estimate indicates a large growth because of an increase in search volume in October and November.

trafic fioulmarket


A well ranked keyword is not an end in itself. It is necessary to associate it with the traffic that it brings, if it meets tangible business objectives (conversions, sales etc.). However, tracking your ranking in search results will show you the evolution of your online visibility and daily changes to its evolution, helping you make better decisions. If you are not already a Myposeo user, why not test it free?

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