Custom services

Benefit from all Myposeo’s SEO Expertise:
Market Research, Custom Support and Training

Myposeo offers additional services to monitor and analyse the performance of your SEO strategy uniquely, through our APIs or White Label. Unlock the power of Myposeo with the presentations and training courses provided.


Market Study: Identifying your Growth Drivers

User’s searches and needs, market trends, market players, types of content on leading websites and much more!


Custom Support: Adopting Best Practices

Work methodology, SEO reports, online tools and
choice of your keywords and more!


Training: Save time on Tracking your SEO Performance

Individual and group training,
presentation of tools,
implementation of KPIs and more!

Focus on “Myposeo Market”

Understand Search and Needs of Users

  • Quantify users searches on a particular activity
  • Identify potential search trends, like seasonality

Identify Market Themes

  • Categorise search intentions by theme
  • Measure potential SEO traffic on themes

Identify all Players bases on Themes

  • Identify market leaders and group them by type (pure-player / editorial sites / blogs)
  • Evaluate the level of difficulty for a brand to position itself against competitors

Analyse Top Websites Type of Content

  • Identify good content creation practices adopted by competitors and understand the amount of content to be produced
  • Identification semantic fields on different topics

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