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“Myposeo is one of the few tools on the market that can quickly adapt to Google’s evolutions: Position 0, Sitelinks, enriched results, People Also Ask, which allows you to quickly adapt your SEO strategy. The tool is not only useful to me on a daily basis, but it has also helped me a lot in monitoring the HTTPS migration and then the brand change from to In addition, Myposeo support is very responsive and the support of their experts is a real plus!”

Nicolas Plantelin – OuiSNCF


“Myposeo is our tool for monitoring daily ranking. I also use the tool to conduct comparative studies of the SEO performance of our sites and competing sites, as well as to conduct SEO audits.”

Valentina Valceanu – Via Michelin


“Myposeo Insights helps us to give better visibility to business teams on the impact of SEO actions. This is made possible by fully customisable dashboards and email reports. In our choice, following a large volume of keywords, having details on the types of results (Position 0, Video, AMP…), but also following the YouTube ranking was part of the criteria. The ability to multi-topicize keywords is very practical. Connections with existing tools (Google Search Console, Data Studio…) as well as access to the API are undeniable. We appreciated the support of their experts and the reactivity of the support in our start-up with Myposeo.”

Déborah Botton – Radio France


“Myposeo Insights allows us to set up fully customised dashboards and thus distribute relevant SEO KPIs to the target audience. In an international context, it also allows me to have a global vision and to follow the evolution of positions according to the frequency I want (daily, weekly). In parallel, it is quite possible to see only monthly reports to countries automatically. The graphic representation of the competitive universe is very well done and allows to simply convey strong messages.
The support team is very responsive and always willing to find appropriate solutions.”

Jérôme Moussay – Clarins Group


“Myposeo si a simple and effective tool to monitor the daily changes to your SEO campaigns and its effect on your SEO actions. I recommend it for its intuitive interface and extremely responsive support team.”

M. Talibart – Veolia


“After testing several solutions, Myposeo has established itself as the ideal ranking monitoring tool for us. It allows to follow the daily changes to the visibility of a large number of keywords, without any technical problems. The reactivity of their support team and the continuous improvement of the tool only confirms our choice.”

Christophe Rescan – Regions Job


Myposeo allowed us to follow our positions in the blink of an eye whuch we were able to with a lot of Dashboards! An essential tool for SEO experts in light of the ever-evolving Google! And as a bonus, a responsive, and highly expert HYPER support!

Janate Djellit – CarBoat Media


All Reviews by Acquisition Consulting, SEO, PPC and Inbound Marketing Agencies


“We have been working with Myposeo since the very beginning of the adventure, it is an essential partner who has contributed to the growth of our agency and an essential tool to monitor our clients’ performance.”

Philippe Plana – SEOh


“We have been using MyPoseo for a few years now on the periodic monitoring and reporting of keywords. We manage nearly 300 projects that we monitor on a weekly or daily basis. This follow-up allows us to adjust our SEO strategy and inform our client of any changes in it.”

Yannick Socquet – Brioude


“Myposeo is an essential tool for any SEO agency to monitor their customers’ rankings on search engines. Creating user accesses also allows these customers to track their own ranking.”

Philippe El Khechen – Primelis


“Efficient and ergonomic, Myposeo has always been able to respond to our problems quickly. A tools as adaptive to the needs of a consultant as to those of an agency.”

J. B. Barthes – MediaBrands


“We have been using Myposeo on a daily basis for several years now to monitor our customers’ daily ranking and send them regular reports on the evolution of their SEO on various search engines. The multiple features of the tool allow is to meet the expectations of all our customers.”

Fabien Estruch – Azko


“We have been using Myposeo since 2012! The platform allows us to work on all our audits and ranking monitoring, among other things. We often work on large volumes of expressions, especially to prepare website redesigns with audits of more than 10,000 expressions, on Desktop and Mobile, on several search engines and in several countries.”

Guillaume Eouzan – Mind Fruit


“Myposeo is a tool created to meet the needs of SEO experts by offering essential elements: a clear view of all rankings (and their changes) on audited websites for the chosen keywords, I particularly appreciate their responsive support team constantly striving to improve the tool (iPhone application or WordPress plugin for example). Best of all, the price is proportionate to the chosen activity and corresponds to real use and needs.”

M. Moreau – Netemedia


“8 years of collaboration, more than 10,000 keywords tracked, 1,500 customer campaigns, Myposeo is the heart of the visibility strategy for our customer and company projects. A real analysis laboratory and an ever-evolving tool.”

Jean-Philippe Le Gleuher – La Boîte Immo


“Myposeo is a solution that not only provides a complete overview of our actions from an SEO point of view, but also allows us to analyse the competitive perimeter in paid search (PPC). The tool is reactive and the new features are an asset as they add value to our analyses.”.

Edouard Vely – Tequilarapido


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