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Increase your search engine visibility with simplified and accelerated analysis of your SEO and Analytics data. Share, export, optimise!
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What is Myposeo for?

Helping you to understand search engine data in order to improve your SEO visibility

Collect data
Collect data

Myposeo’s tools collect over 600 indicators of your SEO and Paid Ad campaigns’ performance and website visibility to safeguard your historic SEO presence on Search Engine.

SEO/PPC Visibility Tracking

Monitor and manage your SEO and PPC campaigns and keyword ranking with our daily tracking systems. Gain access to an overview of your Marketing Campaign to assess effectiveness.

SEO/PPC Performance Reports

SEO management requires having the right data in your possession at the right time and with the right support. Our SEO intelligence reports can be adapted to all formats (PDF/ CSV/ JSON/ Email) and to all company users.

Taking action
Accelerate the reading of your SEO data

By automating the data collection, rendering and sharing of your reports, you will be able to spend your time optimising your SEO campaigns.

Main features of the platform

Features to meet the different needs of the SEO market
  • Search Volumes
  • SEO & PPC
  • Geolocalisation
  • Pixel Ranking
  • External Connectors
  • Google Data Studio
search volume

Keywords & Search Volume

The platform will be able to go and collect the search volumes of a large amount of keywords, so that you can better exploit them later on and discover the search trends of your list.

dashboard myposeo insights

Tools to track your SEO positions and sponsored links

Myposeo can help you increase performance and maximise your ROI by cross-referencing data collected on both SEO and PPC (Adwords) levers.

seo local

Your ranking whatever your geographical area

A key component of our solution is to help you monitor and improve your visibility on keywords, based on geographical areas. Track identical keyword rankings from any location.

Your real organic ranking is the "Pixel Ranking"

Pixel Ranking is a key performance indicator formulated by Myposeo to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of your true organic ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
connecteurs externes

Multi-sources data dashboards

Myposeo analytics reports can be synchronised with various external connectors (Oncrawl, Semrush, Majestic, Google Analytics, Google Search Console…).

google data studio

Myposeo Google Data Studio connector and position tracking

Myposeo analytics reports can be synchronised with various external connectors (Oncrawl, Semrush, Majestic, Google Analytics, Google Search Console…).

Why is Myposeo different from other SEO tools?

With 10 years of experience in the SEO community, our platform is at the forefront and is regularly improved to offer you modules that are as close as possible to your needs.

Data provider

Data provider

Ability to scrap any search engine and provide raw data.

Personalized KPIs

Personalised KPIs

Collaborate to create your own SEO indicators.

Unique metrics

Pixel ranking and +40 Google SERP features.



Integrate and pull data from/to different services (API).

Historical data

Historical data

Import your old historical data in reports for continuity.

Market Analysis

Google Data Studio

Native connector and open API to extract all your data.

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