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Google Shopping Rank Tracking

Google announced in April 2020 that in addition to PPC results within the Google Shopping tab, there will be organic product listings in the SERPs of Google USA. September 2020 and it was announced by the middle of October it would roll out organic listing into the Google Shopping tab worldwide.
Myposeo constant innovations and developments means you can now track and monitor all the Google Shopping SERP results providing powerful insights with the interactions of the paid and organic results. Together with a view of the competitive landscape.

Google Shopping Special features

Google Shopping has a a number unique features, which Myposeo can track, identify and calculate rankings

Shopping Results

These results are a form of paid results generated by the advertisers shopping feeds.  Myposeo knows the number of results and where you rank amongst your competitors on the Google Shopping SERPs.

Buy on Google

A unique feature that enables the user to make a purchase right away once they have discovered it.  Google is removing commission fees and lowering the cost of doing business for all size retailers.  This feature is currently a pilot scheme in the US and France only.

SEO Results

The organic listings occupy the majority of the Google Shopping page.  These organic listings are also part of a modified shopping feed.

Text Ads -PPC results

The PPC ads are now more common to see at the bottom of the page.

google shopping page

The Google Shopping results pages have 2 display modes.

Display mode Grid​

A block can contain several results.

Display mode List


A block corresponds to a result.

Reading direction and position calculation in Myposeo

Myposeo provides clarity on positions by understanding the reading direction.

Myposeo will provide insights on how our results appear on the Google Shopping SERPs – List or Grid view.  Furthermore a view of where the different result types in form of block are appearing.  Within the blocks the number of results and where your product is listed.

serp view

Configure your Google Shopping ranking tracking project

Discover how your products are ranked on Google Shopping and monitor and track the performance with competitor insights.

Select Engine

Select Google Shopping engine in order to collect the positions on the Shopping SERP.

shopping project

Choose Advertiser

Unlike tracking on the classic search engine, for Google Shopping, there is no URL in the results, so it is the advertiser’s name that is tracked in the results (note: Case sensitive).

annonceur shopping

Select Keywords

It is possible to create a view of the result.  You have the option to select either a Grid or a List type.  Benefit of knowing in both views where your results will appear on the SERP.  However the default mode is a result based on what Google decides is the optimum result view.

Google Shopping metrics and KPI’s

Myposeo collects a unique array of performance indicators to give you the insight to make the right decision when planning to share your site’s performance, competitive share of voice or simile visibility of presence.

Display Mode

Discover the type of display of the analysed SERP on which your keywords are positioned: grid or list.

Block Position

Discover the position of the result block.

Position type

Is an indicator to show where you are positioned within a certain  block. Counting left to right if it is a grid view.

Product information

At a glance, find out what title the product bears, its price, currency, rating and number of reviews.

Top Shopping Ads

Number of PPC premium shopping-type ads displayed at the top of the results page

Top Text Ads

Number of PPC premium Adwords ads displayed at the top of the results page

Bottom Shopping Ads

Number of PPC premium shopping-type ads displayed at the bottom of the results page

Bottom Text Ads

Number of PPC premium Adwords ads displayed at the bottom of the results page

Create your Google Shopping tracking report

Consolidate all the data from your Google Shopping tracking project into a fully customisable and automated report.

Report type

Choose from our list of report templates or create your report from A to Z

Project to be synchronised

Choose your Google Shopping tracking project


Choose the formatting and visualisations of your data

Google Shopping sample report

rapport google shoppinga

Google Data Studio Connector

Import all your SEO data from Myposeo to Google DataStudio and create powerful and complete dashboards

google data studio report

Want to track even more results types in detail?

Track and analyse the ranking of your keywords on locations (cities) where queries are identified. 

Google Images Tracking

The Myposeo platform allows you to track all your positions and those of your competitors on the Google Images engine.

Youtube Tracking

Myposeo’s SEO tracking module allows you to track your videos on Youtube for a list of keywords of your choice.

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