SEO Rank Tracking

Myposeo's SEO Rank Tracking module allows you to assess your website's visibility compared to your competitors' on an automated and daily basis by tracking Google positions, audience and conversions. We collect the data and leave you to concentrate on the analysis.

SEO Performance Tracking
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Automated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) monitoring

Track your SEO positions, consolidate your data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics on your pages
and discover the opportunities to improve your visibility in Google.

Choose Keywords

Choose keywords that will be used to track your website’s ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Myposeo has more than 300 extensions available.

Daily Analysis

The tool collects data related to your position on the search engine, and your competitors’ position on a daily basis.

Graphs and Custom View

Monitor performance and the evolution of your keyword rankings daily. Focus on optimisation!

Collect your SEO data on different search engines

Key features of SEO Rank Tracking

SEO Rank Tracking is a complete module with all important data SEO visibility of your website or e-commerce.

  • Overview
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Pages
  • Competitors
  • Alerts
seo rank - overview

Daily SEO Rank Tracking

The SEO analytics dashboard allows you to analyse all the data in your account and compare your overall website performance in SEO.

seo rank- backlinks

Backlinking Analysis

Thanks to a partnership with the Majestic SEO tool, we provide you with weekly statistics on the evolution of your netlinking. The summary brings together the KPIs of your performance and allows you to analyse the data collected in a global manner :

seo rank - keywords

Track your Keywords Rankings

Available on search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo on over 300 extensions, in all languages. Rank tracking is the foundation of your SEO analysis at Myposeo.
seo rank - pages

Track URLs and Ranked Pages

Tracking the URLs ranked on your website, allows you to understand the number of URLs that rank on your analysed keywords.

You will therefore, be aware of the most visible pages and keywords on your website and use them to optimise your online.

seo rank - competitors

Track the visibility of your competitors

Visibility of the best competitor sites tracked.

If you have created a detailed competitive monitoring, you will have competitive data with different indicators (similar rate, average position, number of keywords ranked, traffic…).

seo rank - alerts

Notifications of changes of position

Create customised alerts on position changes to be notified of any movement so you can act quickly.

Tracking Google SEO positions in Myposeo: all you need to know

You are looking for a Google position tracking tool for SEO capable of giving you the daily ranking of your site in search engines.
Rely on Myposeo and switch from software to a 100% online SEO tracking platform.

Myposeo offers automated daily position monitoring of your site. All you have to do is choose a list of keywords (queries) and integrate them into the SEO performance tracking module. We then detect all the results ranked on the first 10 pages of the selected engine.

SEO Performance Tracking includes the monitoring of your site’s positions as well as numerous ranking overviews to analyse the evolution of your referencing and your SEO visibility in the search engines.

Myposeo is an online platform for tracking your SEO accessible directly in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). No installation is required on your computer as opposed to SEO software. Our solution works on all machines. The advantage of online tools for SEO position tracking is also that you can share access with your employees.

To know your position in Google or any other search engine you must use a position tracking tool. The positions are calculated according to the types of results present (Google ads, Maps, Images, questions, Featured Snippets, Videos, News, etc.). Myposeo calculates the position of your website by simulating user queries on a daily basis over a depth of 10 pages. More powerful than a free SEO tool, Myposeo helps you professionalise your SEO.

Since now 10 years Myposeo helps SEO to track Google rankings and positions thanks to its comprehensive and practical SEO tools approved by the best professionals and French and international SEO agencies. Make the choice of quality and simplicity to track the SEO performance of your keywords and your in Google and all major search engines for your visibility.

The main indicators of SEO Rank Tracking

Myposeo collects and calculates unique market indicators to help
you to fully understand your ranking in Google as well as your performance.

The weighted average ranking (WAR) is a position that takes into account the search volume of your keywords for a better precision on your visibility.

Presente Rate

The presence rate allows you to know the number of keywords on which your site or your competitors are present. It is also available in increments (1-3, 4-10, 11-30, etc.).

Average Position

A calculation of the average position of your keywords and groups on a weekly or monthly period

Pixel Ranking is the distance in pixels between the top of the page (search bar) and the position of your site on the keyword. A UNIQUE indicator from Myposeo!


The perfrank is an indicator ranging from 1 to 100 allowing you to rate the performance of your ranking. This rating simplifies your position reports.

Share of Voice of Traffic

The SOV of Traffic refers to a site’s traffic in relation to the maximum traffic a site would generate if it were in Position 1.

Traffic Estimation

An estimation of the traffic generated to your website because of your position on the search engine.
Based on CTR, monthly search volumes and your position.

Max Traffic

An estimation of the maximum amount of traffic that a site can generate on a keyword / group of keywords. This indicator is based on a multiplication of the search volume and the click rate of the 1st position of a result.

SEO Rank Tracking Case Studies

migration https
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

In this article, we will take a look at how to set up tools to help you keep track of your migration, measure its effect on ranking and be notified of any possible issues.

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