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SEO Visibility Audit

Myposeo's SEO Visibility Audit module enables you to perform a global competitive analysis of the search engine ranking of all players in a market in order to detect opportunities and prepare your growth strategy.

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Create an SEO Visibility Audit

Analyse the players and the construction of Google’s pages to prepare your SEO growth

Choose Keywords

Choose up to 2,000 keywords to audit. Group them and choose your search engine.

10 pages of Data

Myposeo collects all SERP results up to 20 pages deep.

Multiple indicators

All visibility indicators and competitors are calculated by our algorithms.

Data Visualisation

View your data in graphs and tables for all websites.

Key features of the SEO Audit

Accelerate your SEO competitor analysis and strategic reporting.

  • Overview
  • Ranked Domains
  • Keywords & Suggestion
  • Top Pages
  • PAA
seo audit - overview

Competitive analysis

Thanks to the global synthesis you will be able to know, in one click, all the actors of a market and compare the presence of a site to its competitors:

seo audit - ranked domains

Discover Ranked domains

Discover all websites ranked on the first 10 pages of Google for your specific industry.

Myposeo’s unique indicators classify actors according to their SEO and PPC presence on keywords (PosRank, Presence Rate. Number of Keywords ranked, Average Position etc.).

seo audit - keywords

Audited Keywords Analysis

Myposeo analyses all of your audited keywords to fully understand the composition of the results page (SERPs).

This includes, the presence of a Knowledge graph, Adword links, Universal Search or the number of ads on each page. These will give you a deeper understanding of the search engine.

seo audit - top pages

All ads and pages displayed on the search engines

Find landing pages that rank the best for your competitors’ websites. Find out all the ads displayed by Google on the results page (SERPs).

seo audit - paa

Support for People Also Ask

View directly all the questions proposed by Google in the SERPs and identify the keywords that trigger them.

Our tool will scan the results pages and extract all the questions on the corpus of keywords you have entered.

The main indicators of the SEO audit

More than a hundred indicators concerning your site, your competitors and Google’s SERPs. In just a few minutes.

Presente Rate

The presence rate is a measure of the number of keywords on which an advertiser is present. A site present on 2 keywords out of 10 has a 20% presence rate.


PosRank is a unique scale from 0 to 100- 100 being the best (if your keywords rank number 1) – allowing you to assess your websites overall position on a set of keywords expressions.

Search Volume

The search volume corresponds to the monthly number of user queries made for a given keyword on a search engine.

SEO Visibility Audit Case Studies

migration https
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

In this article, we will take a look at how to set up tools to help you keep track of your migration, measure its effect on ranking and be notified of any possible issues.

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