SEO & Ads Market Analysis

Myposeo's market analysis module allows you to analyse the French market among more than 30 million keywords and 28 million domains and sub-domains analysed each month.

Market Analysis
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How does Market Analysis work?

The most powerful French tool for market analysis in SEO and sponsored links.

Launch a search

Launch your analysis on a site or a keyword, you can also compare two domains.

Market analysis

Analyse your market, identify your competitors and your company’s keywords.

Selection & export

Once you have selected your keywords, you can add them to a list to be exported in the desired format.

Main features of the module

Market Analysis is a complete module that meets all types of needs
  • Overview
  • Keywords
  • Ranked Pages
  • Ads
  • Competitors
market - overview

All SEM data from 28 million French sites ranled in Google

market - overview

All SEM data from 28 million French sites ranled in Google

market - pages

Discover the pages ranked in Google

All landing pages triggered by your keywords on the front page of Google are in Myposeo’s SEM Analysis.

marche annonces

Ads results

Find out how your results are displayed in the results pages and check out the title tags, meta descriptions, etc.

market - competitors

Compare your site's strategies with those of your competitors

Main KPIs measured

We collect and calculate data in line with business needs


The pagerank is an indicator provided by Google to measure the popularity of a page on the Internet (out of 10).

Alexa Rank

Rating of a site in the ranking of sites in the French market made by Alexa. 1 being the most visited site.


Number of keywords triggering the analysed site on the first page of Google’s 28 million database.

Number of Results

Number of different SEO ads found for a domain.

Landing Pages

All pages ranked on Google and triggered by keywords on the first page.

Top Keywords

Number of keywords present on the first page and whose result (the ad) is above the fold.

Case studies of use

case study pixel ranking
Pixel Ranking Case Study

Myposeo’s Pixel Ranking revealed that Company X’s site was not visible above the fold as it had been pushed down the SERP due to Universal Search and Rich Snippet results appearing above them. After 3 months of monitoring and adapting SEO content, the number of keywords triggering a Featured Snippet result increased.

Tracking physical points of sale

When we talk about the issue of localised tracking, what exactly are we referring to? We want to know the ranking of our physical points of sale in search engines for a given location (a particular city) and terminal, SERP results being personalised based on those two factors

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