Strategic and Operational Support

We give you the option to add the strategic and operational support of an account manager to your plan

How does the Account Manager help you?

1. Understanding your work Methodology

By understanding your organisation and your working process/methodology, we can use our expertise to efficiently implement our SEO measurement and analysis tools your existing strategy.
work methodology
configure online tool

2. To Configure Online Tools and Campaigns

Configuring and customising Myposeo tools can sometimes be complicated and require an expert. We help agencies and advertisers to ensure that the data reported can be use accurately.

3. Optimise and Automate your SEO Reports

Following the implementation of an SEO measurement and analysis tool, internal and external reporting becomes important. We help you set up advanced and comprehensive reports to get the most out of our web-analysis tool.
keyword research

4. Assist you with Keyword Choice

Finding, sorting, prioritising and tracking your keywords is made easier with our expert account manager support as we strive to find the best content for your website.

We accompany them on a daily basis

on all their SEO and digital marketing issues

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Without an Account Manager?
Complementary Service

We also train your teams to use Myposeo

Take advantage of our training sessions led by our experts to better understand the interface to optimally set up your campaigns.

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