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Objectives of Market Studies

Analyse user research to produce appropriate content and in the format.
Objective 1:

Discover the Searches and Needs of Users

  • Quantify users search on a particular activity
  • Identify potential research trends, such as seasonality
recherches google
etude de marche
Objective 2:

Identify Market Themes

  • Group search intentions by theme
  • Measure potential SEO traffic
Objective 3:

Identify all Players based on Themes

  • Identify market leaders and group them by type (pure-player / editorial sites / blogs)
  • Evaluate the level of difficulty for a brand to position itself against competitors
etude concurrents
contenu site
Objective 4:

Analyse Top Websites’ Type of Content

  • Identify good writing practices adopted by competitors and understand the amount of content to be produced
  • Identify semantic fields on different topics

How are Market Studies carried out?

Myposeo is a powerful platform that allows you to carry out complete market study for SEO and PPC campaign as a result of its many features.

1. Keywords Collection

We choose a large number of keywords upon which to conduct your study.

2. Search Results Analysis

All SEO and Paid results on the SERPs are analysed.

3. Calculation of Statistics

The data collection allows us to calculate different ranking indicators to better measure the performance of websites present on the SERPs.

4. Data Explanation

We leave comment to explain the results of each market study to ensure you understand your data results.

How to Use Market Studies?

market studies

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