Myposeo new SEO packages and tools launch

In its 7 years of existence, Myposeo has faced many challenges. This year, along with our strategic partnership with the Webedia group, we have also launched a redesigned site dedicated to technical, graphical and functional developments to showcase our services on offer.

We are delighted to have grown enough to (finally!) reveal all the developments from our R&D lab which we have been waiting eagerly to present to you. Here goes!

New packages better adapted to the market

As it is necessary to develop tools most adapted to the SEO needs of our clients, we have decided to create 3 distinct packages comprising our tools and different price packages, dedicated to all the current users of Myposeo.

logo-starterMyposeo Starter is a solution comprising 3 tools:
SEM analysis (light): allows users to conduct a current systems analysis (locating key words) and to analyse competition;
Key word suggestions: tool to suggest and select key words;
SEO monitoring: monitoring clients’ ranking in search engine results.

This package is designed for small and medium sized enterprises who need to consolidate their online content, as well as monitoring their performance and search engine optimisation through the strategic positioning of key words.


pro-logoMyposeo Pro remains the package containing the majority of the tools you are already familiar with:
SEM analysis: analysis of search engine optimisation and of current systems analysis on the market using 30 million key words;
Audit of SEO & SEM ranking: powerful search result auditing tools to analyse in-depth the client’s market performance and competitors;
SEO & SEM performance monitoring: tools facilitating the monitoring of SEO performance and of search engine visibility (Google, Bing, YouTube);
Reports (updated version!): a personalised reports package allowing clients to draw data from numerous sources (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Myposeo, Majestic, Piwik Analytics etc.);
Suggest: key word suggestions and addition of two tools.


Designed for both agency and freelance consultants, Myposeo Pro offers all necessary tools. What’s more, we will soon be adding another practical tools package. You will find out more in the coming weeks! Note also that the reports system has been completely redesigned and that you can access it by renewing your old package.


Finally, Myposeo Insights is a new package designed for marketing directors, in-house SEO providers and editors which helps them to produce and monitor the performance of their online content (hot and cool media). This package is designed around 4 key tools:
Content production: tools which help create hot and cool media content. Surprise – this is a new feature which you will find out more about soon!
Performance analysis, auditing and monitoring: a selection of Myposeo Pro tools available in the Insights package, including more in-depth data, notably concerning the synchronisation of Analytics and Search Console, but equally in the transfer of data between SEO and AdWords.
Reports: a developed version of the reports tool, comprising text box templates, report models and complementary visualisations adapted to the reporting of each internal intermediary.


Less orientated around the micro vision, Myposeo Insights allows users to get an overview by orientating their strategy around content and decision making, based on reports which are both adapted and personalised to the client’s needs. An integrated tool also allows users to spend less time using the tool and more time working on a final optimised version.

These three packages are priced corresponding to their functionality, starting at 9€/month for the starter package, 99€/month for the Pro package and 999€/month for the Insights package – something to suit all budgets!

Improved external synchronisation

The performance overview and information streamlining market is booming. Many Myposeo users create their own reports thanks to our API software which is perfectly adapted to reading data.

The Myposeo package can by synchronised with Eulerian Analytics, Klipfolio, Tableau Software and Google Sheets. As a result, our package allows you to optimise and simplify your day-to-day work. We are currently working on a way to synchronise Myposeo data with the webcrawler and logs and data analyser Oncrawl.

A service package to analyse your market and SEO key words

Whilst Myposeo offers online tools, in the last few months we have also created a package for consultancies (web agencies, advertising consultants, design studios) and brands. The success of the tools and packages we have created has allowed us to excel in the following fields:

  • Market analysis: an in-depth analysis of the types of searches that internet users make in your field.
  • Key word research: research, selection, topcalisation and prioritisation of key words in content editing and search engine optimisation.

We would love to offer you these particular tools to complement your existing ones.

We appreciate your comments and views

We would be delighted to receive your comments and suggestions through our support centre or by email. Recently we have developed a suggestions tool (verified reviews) so we can welcome your opinions and improve further the experience when using our tools.


Marketing manager @myposeo, community manager and writer.

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