SEO and SEA Audit : lastest updates

Perhaps you didn’t know yet but myposeo proposes in its suite of analytical tools of positioning a powerful audit tool.

The myposeo audit split into two bodies, one dedicated to analyzing SEO performances, the other dedicated to paid search performances (SEA).

We have made some modifications to our audit tools and we invite you to discover them in detail.



… on the operation of the myposeo audit.

The SEO and SEA audit in its simple configuration collect data from a list of keywords that it is your responsibility to provide the tool.


It is thanks to its information that the audit will provide :

  • keyword positions
  • detail of SERP’s where keywords appear
  • performances by theme of keywords (cf3. thematization of keywords by groups)
  • pages related to keywords
  • ads related to keywords
  • competitors exploiting analyzed keywords

1. Faster data collection

For comparison, on the basis of 1000 keywords, our tool previously analyzed them in 2 hours, today 10 minutes are enough. The myposeo audit collects data when you launch your study. In other words, the audit is performed in real time. It allows you to collect data of extreme freshness.

Specification SEA audit :

Given the instability of the position of a keyword/ad in paid search, our tool calculates its position at regular interval 6 times per day. To account for this fluctuation through your SEA audit, you have the option to extend the period of your study of 1 hour to several days.


2- Thematization of keywords by group

Besides freshness and speed execution of the audit, the power of the tool also holds into its option of configuration. Let’s talk about the thematization, option which allows you to segment your corpus of keywords into several groups. It will allow you to display within a unique audit, separate thematic performances of keywords and not just on a unique corpus.

Also note that it is now possible to choose and/or combine for each groups of keywords created the device (mobile or desktop), and the search engine in order to make comparative analyzes.


3. Comparison of sites

The competitive concept has also been added in myposeo audit for you to compare the positioning and performances of your keywords. Our audit tool automatically detects your competitors based on injected keywords, which will offer you the opportunity of getting into details of each of the domains found by the tool.

Choose websites you want to compare…


…and analyze in detail their performances, here on the position of words for example.


4. Custom audit reports

Once your audit is finalized, you certainly will need to present the results and conclusions to your team or customers. More than a simple keyword positioning table exported in PDF, take advantage now of a tool dedicated to create reports or customized dashboards.

The principe is simple. You select the audit of your choice, the KPIs you want to highlight, shapes view (graphs, pie charts, score cards etc…) all in a dynamic and intuitive interface or simple drag’n’drop will allow to organize your report. In other words, a total freedom on the content and the shape of your reporting and a not insignificant saving time in your production.

For more informations about customizing reports, I invite you to read our article on editing customs reports

Below an example of customized reports paralleling the desktop performance vs mobile



To conclude

You now have everything to make your SEO or SEA audit in the best conditions. An increased speed of execution of analysis, a segmentation by themed keywords, the ability to compare the performances of market actors, the creation of custom reports make the myposeo audit an essential tool of your strategies natural and paid search.

To get into the main features of SEO and SEA audit (configuration, display, KPIs…) please visit our help section to the use of myposeo tools or test our audit tools free for 15 days.


Marketing manager @myposeo, community manager and writer.

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