SEA Tracking and Audit presentation

Available for quite some weeks but not yet fully revealed, we are proud to inform you that our tools for analysing sponsored link campaigns (SEA) are now completely available.

Developed to provide additional analysis to SEO tracking, SEO audit and SEM Analysis market tools, the SEA tracking and SEA Audit tools will allow you to enrich the competitive analysis and SEO reports. Both SEO levers and sponsored link are totally complementary, so it seemed to us very important to focus our latest developments on such tools .

The SEA tools will allow you to analyse daily competitive environment and monitor your Google Adwords campaigns performances for all countries of the world.

Data collection

SEA Tracking and Audit will give you access to relative daily statistics :

  • keywords (position, presence rate, search volume, average CPC, traffic…)
  • ads (position, types of ads, keywords triggers…)
  • landing pages (number of landing page, URL, traffic…)
  • SERP’s where your ads are displayed (page length, numbers of announcements, presence of a knowledge graph…)
  • your competitors proposed by our tool according to a rate of similarity (common positioned keywords, traffic, budget…)

Note that the concept of data refresh rate is very important, as you know, an Adwords campaign behaves differently during a day. This is why the tool updates its data about 6 times a day. So you will have statistics calculated in real time and consolidated.

Use (tower of the features)


One of the key features of SEA tracking holds in the display of your direct competitors based on tracked keywords you have added to your projet.

Ttableau d'analyse des concurrents

listes des concurrents sea

The competitors list is updated daily and allows you to analyse presence of new actors, estimation of their budget on analysed keywords and their presence, and average position.


You can follow the competing ads position, study its content and view performance values.

Position d'annonces adwords

detail position annonces adwords

These ads are collected and preserved for all advertisers and let you know the formats and terms used by all competitors websites.


You can analyse the ranking of your keywords compared to those of your competitors in time .

positionnement de mots cles


In detail of course!

détail de position mots clés


Analyse environment in which your ads appear, number of total Adwords ads present on one page, ads percentage at the top, right and bottom of the page…

Analyse des SERPs

detail analyse serp


You will access quickly to the landing pages of your competitors as well as keywords which are connected to it.

landing pages sea

detail landing pages sea

In practice

The SEA tools are complementary to SEO. Let’s explore some cases of use tool :

  • Ability to compare keyword performance with a competitor

performance de mots clés

  • Display ads related to a campaign
  • Monitor emergence of new competitor
  • Monitor advertiser increase budget
  • Alerting of increase in bidding on a particular keyword
  • Monitor purchase of brand
  • Knowing advertisers landing pages
  • Compare competitive environment between several themes
  • Find keywords with great potential

So many complementary tracks for your advertisements purchasing strategy in Google.

Benefits of SEA tools

“Target my direct competitors…to better analyse strategy”.

No need to remind how competition plays an important role on Adwords campaign performances. It is in this perspective of competitive study that the SEA tools become close friends which as a complement to your Adwords dashboard will reveal how to behave your rivals campaigns daily, compared to yours.

The wealth of collected data will allow you to apply an magnifying effect on your analyses, starting from global statistics toward to performances indicators which isolated, will give you relevant actions levers.

Complementarity of the SEA tracking with SEO tracking tool enables to create customized reports coupling both levers and so to have real visibility on advertiser cover in search engine pages.

Free test of 15 days and on request

If you don’t already have an myposeo account, you can test SEO and SEA tools directly into the test account of 15 days. If you are an user of premium version and whatever tools you possess,  you can request technical support for an activation of SEA tools in your account.


The SEA tracking tool works with a system of common keywords with the SEO tracking tool and a minimum subscription of €79 HT/month for 75 analyzed keywords. The SEA tracking tool works with a common credit system with the SEO audit tool which allow you to realize punctual analysis. 1 audited keyword = 1 used credit. The SEA audit is available from €49 HT/month with 5 000 credits/months.

For more information on pricing, do not hesitate to consult our offers and prices.



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