Myposeo Insights Pack


Writing Assistance & Visibility Measurement.

    Finds, selects and prioritises the best Search Keywords to use.

     Writes content for search engine optimisation and visibility.

    Builds interfaces to monitor and track the visibility of your content and other Search Marketing performances (SEO & PPC).

The Best Keywords for SEO and Online Visibility



Myposeo extracts the best keywords, queries and generic terms to use in your content, from a large database, all in your prefered language.

Database of 1 billion Keywords



Myposeo ranks and analyses:
– Competition
– Search Volumes
It also find opportunities on selected keywords with high rankings using our data collection tools.

Audit tools and dedicated consultants



Our algorithms prioritise keywords by analysing your website’s ranking, its content including the content’s ability to rank. It focuses on this to ensure increasing organic traffic.

Myposeo’s Algorithm



Myposeo creates and defines key indicators alongside your marketing team and SEO experts, so you can focus more on your core activities instead of reporting.

Myposeo Insights’ interface

All Content Types analysed, on all Search Engines

We address all SEO issues.

Brand content to showcase activity.

  • Cold content
  • “Institutional Websites”

Content regularly updated on topics that may be unrelated to your core business activities.

  • Hot content
  • New websites and blogs

Content specific to geopgraphies- physical points of sale or companies.

  • Dedicated content
  • Local websites/directories

Content related to products or services greatly desired by consumers for purchase.

  • Product sheet or categories
  • Online sales

Building Visibility Performance Monitoring Interfaces

Data Collection


Creating indicators and visuals


Customisation by profile


Myposeo Insights Reviews


Myposeo is one of the few tools on the market to adapt quickly to Google developments: Position 0, Sitelinks, rich results, People Also Ask, which enables you to quickly adapt your SEO strategy.
The tool not only helps me on a daily basis, but it also helped me enormously in the HTTPS migration follow-up and the brand change to
What’s more, Myposeo’s support is very responsive and the support of their experts is a real plus

Nicolas Plantelin
SEO Manager - OuiSncf

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