Expert’s Predictions for 2020

Welcome to the Roaring ’20’s Old Sport!

To kick-start the New Year, we have yet another “Predictions for 2020” article waiting for you. But don’t worry, ours is unlike any other one you’ve probably read and that’s because we rounded up some SEO experts to give you the best advice and their predictions as experts in the field! Here’s what they had to say.

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Hacking Cyber Monday

Since Black Friday isn’t enough, the e-commerce community brings to you, Cyber Monday!

Legend has it that the term was coined back in 2005, when the Monday after Thanksgiving was recorded as ‘’one of the biggest online shopping day of the year’’. Cyber Monday has the highest conversion rates over the 5-day Thanksgiving holiday period according to SimilarWeb, making it the biggest sales opportunity for online retailers, as well as the highest online traffic day in the year.

So, how can online retailers cut through the noise and be seen during this highly competitive period? 

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