Best Content Writing Tools for SEO in 2021

It’s just amazing how lucky we are to be living in the 21st century and enjoying all the tools aimed at making our lives easier. The online world is emerging into a promising future environment affecting every little aspect of our being.

Not surprisingly, with the COVID-19 consequences shaping our daily reality, ecommerce has been growing significantly. In turn there appeared a growing demand for optimizing website content for search engines. Gone are the days when it was enough to write a top-notch content to boost your sales. Today you need to rely on a truly thorough keyword research and internal SEO, and we’re here to tell you about the rocking SEO tools to enjoy in 2021.

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How Topic Clusters Take Your SEO Strategy To The Next Level


HubSpot brought topic clusters into the collective consciousness of digital marketers in 2017 and over the past few years they have become an essential element of search engine optimization strategies across the web. In short, a topic cluster is an intelligent website architecture that allows content to be interconnected and keyword usage to be optimized. This ensures that your content strategy is operating at its most effective, and your sites traffic is boosted.

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An Ultimate Guide to Write an SEO-Optimized Copy

An Ultimate Guide to Write an SEO-Optimized Copy

Today, you can hardly find a business that doesn’t have a website. 

Businesses often use their sites as a marketing tool to increase traffic. Besides, having a website allows a business to take advantage of a considerable conversion rate. Reportedly, the global website conversion rate is 4.31% on average, which is as much as the majority of social media platforms can deliver. 

But despite the fact that websites have a huge conversion potential, most of them still fail. 

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Local SEO Marketing: Why Local URLs are Critical to Local Success

Author: Alina Burakova Own a website and want to boost its rankings? Well, you can do that and more with the help of local URLs! When it comes to driving conversion and ranking, localised URLs are super important. Several people use search engines to find local businesses. Local URLs help with increasing your presence locally … Read more…


Translate or Localise?: Which is the Best Way to Internationalise your Content?

Content localisation, also referred to as regionalisation, is the adaptation of content or a product to a local market and culture embodied in a language. Content Localisation not only means translating content to the language of your target audiences, but also understanding their unique interests, and mannerisms to best target content. How to Localise your … Read more…


Myposeo at BrightonSEO!

Guess who’s going back to Brighton!

After two successful rounds at BrightonSEO in April and September 2019, Myposeo will be back in Brighton this April, bigger and better!

Come meet us at our stand and find out more about the Myposeo platform and its different modules and unique features that will give you the best result on your search engine ranking.

As a sponsor, we are pleased to offer you the chance to win a free ticket!

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What is Pixel Ranking? Myposeo’s New SEO Ranking KPI

Pixel Ranking refers to the number of pixels between a site’s ranking on the result’s page, and the top of the page. The higher your Pixel Ranking, the less visibile your site is from the top of the page. Being visibile immediately on the results page has a significant impact on click thru rates – the more visible you are, the more likely users are to click thru to your site and meet your business goals.

What is the Value of Pixel Ranking?
By knowing how far down you are on the results page and which SERP Features (Images, Videos, Top Stories, Featured Snippets etc.) are triggered by your keywords, you can adapt the format of your SEO content to ensure your site ranks in those blocks. Ranking in Universal Search often times means a site is ranking above the fold, and hence you get the best online visibility.

Source: Myposeo

You’ve all heard about Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone and DXOMark rankings, but have you heard of a Pixel Ranking? …No? Well, it’s not the latest Google Pixel Smartphone, it’s a metric to help you fully understand your TRUE organic ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. 

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