Best Content Writing Tools for SEO in 2021

It’s just amazing how lucky we are to be living in the 21st century and enjoying all the tools aimed at making our lives easier. The online world is emerging into a promising future environment affecting every little aspect of our being.

Not surprisingly, with the COVID-19 consequences shaping our daily reality, ecommerce has been growing significantly. In turn there appeared a growing demand for optimizing website content for search engines. Gone are the days when it was enough to write a top-notch content to boost your sales. Today you need to rely on a truly thorough keyword research and internal SEO, and we’re here to tell you about the rocking SEO tools to enjoy in 2021.

1 – Myposeo

Myposeo is a great tool for keyword research. It can help you come up with new content ideas and enrich your articles with relevant keywords. Other than that, it is a simple and powerful tool to gather all your SEO data, track all the activity and examine the statistical reports. With the help of this tool one can collect data from any search engine to improve search visibility of their website. What is more, it’s highly customized as you can create personalized KPIs needed to monitor the efficiency of your SEO efforts.

2 – Grammarly

Even though Google doesn’t use spelling & grammar as a ranking factor, it’s truly upsetting when some great content is spoiled by bad grammar. This tool aims at helping writers polishing articles to perfection within minutes. Its AI-powered writing assistant is becoming better and better, offering effective solutions on altering your texts and polishing them to perfection. This tool is so smart that it can even sense the tone of your writing and provide suggestions on how you can sound more confident.

3 – CoSchedule

As a SEO writer you know better than anyone that a powerful headline is half of success. Otherwise, a person won’t even click on your (no matter how good) article. Word count, word balance, character count — this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the criteria needed for a good headline. Nevertheless, this innovative tool managed to become a powerful assistant that can help you polish your headline within a click. Your headline can be even examined for skimmability and sentiment with the help of this tool. In other words, you can find out whether your headline is easy to understand through just glancing at it, and what type of emotion it conveys. 

4 – Answer the Public

Answer The Public is a great keyword tool that helps analyze the true search intent behind every keyword. If you’re still wondering what people are searching online, this is just the tool you need. With its help you can analyse any keyword you’re interested in and receive an outstanding report on every useful phrase with it people are typing in search engines. Not only is this a great way to boost your website’s visibility by optimizing your content for the search intent, but it’s also a great way to get inspired and create unique content your target audience will fall in love with.

5 – Yoast SEO

Have you ever written an amazing unique content, but keywords started messing up with originality and readability? No doubt you have, we have all been there. In case you’re using WordPress, this tool can help you optimize your webpages for search engines and create natural content that will be easy to read. It is available in a number of languages. Moreover, you can easily track the outdated content with this tool, as it will keep you alerted if any content on your pages starts being behind the times.

6 – Copyscape

You don’t want your website to be penalized for plagiarism, do you? That is why, no website content should be uploaded without being scanned by an anti-plagiarism checker first. All search engines are uncompromising when it comes to stealing other people’s ideas. Copyscape will help you keep your content 100% unique and monitor the web for duplicates of your own content. It’s a paid tool, though there are some free features you may enjoy. For instance, you can insert the URL of your website page and scan the content for originality.

7 – TextBroker

Here’s an amazing platform both for SEO writers as well as those looking for outstanding optimized content. You can find tons of hands-on advice on creating impeccable web content, have your texts written by well-seasoned authors, and enjoy flexible hours while surprising clients with your writing skills. As you see, this platform has it all. So whether you’re a client, or a writer, this tool is a must-have in your SEO arsenal.

8 – Google Search Console

So if you’re mostly interested in the way your website is presented in Google search, this is a way to start. With the help of this simple yet effective tool you can examine, maintain and analyze data regarding your website visibility. You can examine each page individually, and monitor the ranking of every page in accordance with the keywords it ranks for. It’s a great tool that enables you to receive accurate reports on tons of SEO data and then use it to make your website even better.

9 – Google Keyword Planner

This is a vital tool to use. It helps you discover relevant and trending key phrases in your field of interest. Consequently, the smart choice of keywords boosts your website visibility and assists in driving more traffic to your pages. It is simple to use, and truly effective to employ when it comes to planning strategies it offers. With this tool you can plunge into depth of your audience’s interests and as a result boost your web page rankings. It is a free tool, but you will have to sign up with Google Ads to get access to it.

10 – BuzzSumo

Our last tool in the list is an indispensable helper for SEO marketers. With its assistance you can keep the track of what’s trending and identify influencers in your area. This tool examines the content people share on various platforms. For this reason, the data it offers is ultimately up to date. This is how you can always stay ahead of your competitors and keep up with the ever-changing online environment needs and desires.

This is all. Hope you enjoyed our top 10 tools for SEO in 2021, so use them smart and may your website get higher and higher in search results!

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Rhonda Martinez is a content writer, SEO consultant and marketing graduate from the University of Phoenix. Apart from consultations and freelance writing, Rhonda writes SpeedyPaper reviews and loves teaching. She has a wide array of interests and believes that self-improvement is a key to success.


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