Understanding, avoiding and correcting duplicate content


Duplicate content has raised questions for SEO experts for a long time. Is it the bête noire of SEO, to be avoided at all costs on pain of a site being removed from rankings altogether? What does Google really mean by duplicate content? By using information that has emerged over the last few years, including definitions provided by Google as well as tools and techniques, this article will provide you with greater insight into duplicate content.

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Study on the suppression of right block Adwords


On 24 February, Google announced the block suppression of Adwords sponsored ads in the right column and, in parallel, the addition of one supplementary ad at the top, bringing the number of top premium ads to 4. The visibility of the organic ads being buried at the same time behind the “advertising” block.

In order to better understand the impact of the right Adwords block suppression on the composition of pages, two weeks ago we released a small SERP study on Google.fr.

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Why Google isnt’ indexing your site?


Before tracking the performance of your website and its ranking on search engines, it is very important to make sure that it is being read by Google ‘s robots and that it is well indexed.This is necessary if you want to appear in search results and therefore generate visits. In Search Engine Journal, Noel Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics, recently published 13 reasons that could be the … Read more…


5 Google commands to know for SEO

Google is the most used search engine. As marketing manager you need to know that Google offers additional information that is sometimes ignored and available through special commands.

By typing advanced commands in the search engine, you can filter the results and get more precise answers on a keyword, or simply check your website indexation. These commands are important in helping you improve your ranking.

Nowadays, everyone is capable to make a search based on « keywords » in Google. Although these classic searches may enable you to find interesting results, it is also necessary to know special commands to be able to question the search engine better and that these could help you to improve your SEO.

Here is a list of 5 essential commands for Google.

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Bing Ads US launches Enhanced Sitelinks


Two years after the search engine Google set up enhanced sitelinks, it is time for Bing Ads to launch them in the United States. Let us remember that these enhanced sitelinks propose two additional lines just below the link. It is an extensions of announcements, except that instead of having a line, you will see a larger, more relevant and descriptive ad.

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