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Get a taste of the key highlights in this week’s SEO News Recap: the quick read you need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the digital space.

News #1: Facebook releases Search Ads to all Advertisers

Facebook took a significant step this week by rolling out their Search Ad Placement to all advertisers, that will include ad placements on Facebook News Feed and Marketplace search results.

The update however, is not a standalone option. Advertisers must have an existing News Feed ad running to avail of the Search Ad placement option.

Based on the advertiser’s chosen ‘people-based’ targeting option, relevant search terms determined by Facebook (not the advertiser), and a combination of ad features, the ad will appear on selected audiences’ Newsfeed and Marketplace results.

This new update will give advertisers direct access to users actively searching for their products on Facebook, as well as give advertisers an opportunity to run their ads on a platform not yet saturated by the competition.

Source: Search Engine Land

News #2: Paid Search Association Launches Non-Profit to help PPCs

The Paid Search Association is the first association solely dedicated to the paid search industry. It’s aim is to help advance this industry specifically, by fostering and promoting communication, education and collaboration in a highly diverse and ethical environment.

The PSA’s first ever non-profit organisation is dedicated to solving problems and fulfilling the needs to paid search professionals.

The organisation has great credibility, given their reputed board of directors, who will by no doubt, lead the organisation to great heights. Find out more about the PSA and how they can help you here.

Source: Search Engine Journal

News #3: Mobile Ad revenues in 2019 up 69% of Total Ad Revenue

IAB reported internet advertising revenues in the second half of 2019 in the United States, totaled at $29.9 billion (6.7% increase from the first quarter) with Mobile Ad revenues totalling at $39.9 billion in HY 2019.

Mobile advertising revenues reported a 29.1% increase from HY 2018 revenues of $30.9 billion, showcasing significant growth and traction in 2019.

Bar graph comparing Historical Half Year Revenue results of Desktop revenues vs Mobile revenues in US. dollars billions since half year 2013 until half year 2019.
Source: IAB/PwC Internet Ad Revenue Report, HY 2019

The significant growth in mobile ad revenues shows us that mobile advertising is clearly driving the majority of digital ad spending, yet in comparison to 2013, it is evident that the growth is slowing down.

Source: Marketing Land

News #4: Facebook’s ‘Suggested Time’ feature to Improve Post Scheduling

Image of man logging into Facebook account against iPad with FAcebook log in page open.
Source: Oberlo

Facebook is currently testing its new ‘Suggested Time’ feature to improve user experience on the platform and allow better post scheduling.

This feature is still in the testing process however, and a formal roll out is yet to be announced by the social media giant.

But how is it different from literally every other scheduling tool? Well for one, its Facebook, and they have access to a whole bunch of internal data that they collect directly which they will be using in their native scheduling tool instead of relying on third party insights.

This is important mainly because third party tools don’t have access to the exact same internal data and rely on other resources to generate suggested times. There is always an amount of guess-work in these suggestions but Facebook’s new tool will indeed include this guess-work however, with more accuracy and data to support the prediction.

Source: Impact

News #5: Google Ads now show Cart Metrics for Shopping Campaigns

Illustration of Google Shopping interface on a laptop with shopping items (clothes, plants, cosmetics, cameras and a bag) surrounding it,
Source: Shopify

With the holiday shopping season around the corner, Google has launched its new cart metrics to give merchants a more detailed insight and overview on their profitability on their Shopping campaigns.

The new feature is currently in beta, and will take cross-device conversions into account giving merchants a better sense of their conversions per customer and optimal device and optimal device to showcase ads on.

Advertisers can now see the average cart size, COGS, gross profit and more for your shopping campaigns, down to product level and optimise their campaigns for better profit returns.

Source: Search Engine Land

News #6: Google Ads rolls out 2 New Responsive Search Ads tools

Google Ads logo being unveiled by a yellow cover
Source: Guermandi Group

2 new exciting tools have been added to Google Ads’ Responsive Search Ads that are now available to all advertisers in different languages based on their preference! 

The new tools are a Performance Column and Ad Variations tools. The former allows advertisers to identify ‘assets’ that drive high and low volume results, allowing you to improve / augment or emulate the assets accordingly. The Ad Variations tool will now allow advertisers to run their own ad copy tests to find out which ones work for them and which don’t.

Google, as per usual, will give recommendations on how to make the best use of these tools and already recommends adding at least one responsive search ad and two expanded text ads per campaign.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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