SEO News Weekly Recap

It’s been a hectic week in the digital space. Here’s a brief recap of everything you need to know about what happened this week!

News #1: Google Shopping goes live in the U.S market

Google announced in May this year that they will be incorporate a more personlised shopping experience on Google Shopping, with an aim to lure shoppers away from Amazon. 

The update includes:

  1. ‘Buy on Google’ option aims to create a more seamless checkout experience, allowing users to checkout with payment information stored in their Google Accounts.
  2. ‘Lowest Prices’ option to allow the more cost-conscious shopper to tag products and receive notifications when the price of these products drop.
  3. Personlised recommendations will take into account the user’s search history and recommend products that they can buy online or pick up in-store if it is supported by the retailer.

The new update is a significant step for Google’s move into the retail sector. Etailers are likely to adopt Google Shopping to gain maximum visibility the search engine, which will make Google a key player in retail advertising, and a direct competitor of Amazon.

Check out the new update here.

Source: Search Engine Land

News #2: Google Search Console adds New Reports for Video Search Results

The new update will now showcase a more detailed performance review by reporting the performance of video content on the main search results page, the ‘Videos’ tab, as well as the ‘Suggested’ content in the Google DIscover feed. 

A ‘Video Enhancement Report’ will also be available that identifies errors and shows pages that have error-free video markups.

The video enhancement report and video appearances in performance reports have been designed to help SEO’s learn more about the actual performance of their video content as well as identify ways to improve their video markup.

Source: Search Engine Journal

News #3: Nextdoor’s new ‘Local Deals’ launch to benefit SMB Targeting Efforts

Nextdoor will be launching their new ad product ‘Local Deals’ which will directly serve SMBs making it the first broad-based self-servicing option for them.

The process is straightforward and easy for SMBs to set up their free Business Page after which, they will have access to Nextdoor’s 248,000 neighbourhoods and choose a radius they wish to focus on, including opt-out of certain neighborhoods.

This new feature will appear in multiple places on Nextdoor, giving SMBs ample amount of visibility to searchers and residents within the selected radius.

This disruptive new launch is beneficial not only for SMB but also for Nextdoor who have created a new opportunity for themselves as a result of the complicated interfaces of Google Ads and lack of ‘search behaviour’ culture on Facebook. Their culture of local business recommendations makes it a highly trusted platform.

Be one of the first to check out Nextdoor’s Local Deals here.

Source: EcommerceBytes

News#4: Quora adds new Targeting Options for Advertisers

There are 3 new targeting options created for the purpose of helping advertisers better reach their target audiences to effectively display their adverts.

Keyword history targeting resembles the existing keyword targeting and questions retargeting features available on Quora. The new feature allows advertisers to reach people who have shown interest in their subject across question pages and display their ads on various feeds and pages.

Gender targeting is the second feature added as Quora claims to have noticed that some businesses could elevate their conversion rates by tailoring their messages to audiences of a specific gender.

Lastly, Browser Targeting now allows users to target ads set to specific browsers such as Chrome, Safari etc. on multiple devices.

With the addition of these new options, Quora is positioning itself as a serious player within self-service ad platforms.

Source: Search Engine Land


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