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Check out all the new features, integrations and updates that took place this week in the digital space!

News #1: WhatsApp launches Reminders and Tasks Features

Earlier this week, the Android Police spotted a new quietly revealed integration with task manager, that now allows you to set reminders and tasks within WhatsApp when the time comes!

New reminder feature on Whatsapp that sends notifications for reminders and tasks in the app
Image Source: XDA Developers

The Facebook-owned company partnered up with to bring the feature to messaging platform. While WhatsApp is no WeChat, this new feature may its first step towards the launch of many more features, following the Chinese multi-purpose app.

The feature is available worldwide on all Whatsapp-enabled devices with an subscription. That’s right, get ready to shell out all that $2.99 a month if you want to avail of this feature instead of using a pre-installed one on literally every mobile device.

Try it out for free at to enjoy getting more reminders and still forgetting to get your sister that gift she wanted for Christmas.

Source: Android Authority

News #2: Facebook Introduces 3 New Ad Reporting Tools

Advertisers push their ads the most during the holiday season. In response to this, Facebook has introduced 3 new ad reporting tools to enhance ad performance measurement. The data will allow advertisers better understand their demographic reach, the source of conversions and much more.

Screens showing pie charts and metrics from Facebook ad reporting interfaces
Image Source: ReportGarden

The new tools include:

  1. Cross-Account Reporting that will allow advertisers to see metrics from multiple ad accounts in one place.
  2. Custom Metrics that will give advertisers the option to build personlised metrics to track the data they care most about.
  3. Conversion Path Reporting that will help business track the different interactions of a single customer that they may have prior to purchasing a particular item. Understanding this will give advertisers a clearer idea into their interests and allow them to push other relevant ads.

Check out some more tips to make your Facebook Ads more effective before the holiday season!

Source: Search Engine Journal

News #3: New ‘App + Web’ Properties on Google Analytics

Illustration of a desktop and mobile transferring their data to one Google Analytics interface
Image Source: TechCrunch

In July, Google announced a new property type in Google Analytics that allows you to measure across both, your apps and websites in one place to better understand your customers’ journey across platforms and deliver a consistent online experience.

Google Analytics has now introduced further enhancements to App + Web properties by adding more customised analysis options and faster access to data. The new enhancements will allow:

  1. Multiple web streams across apps, websites and web apps in a single property.
  2. Two more custom analysis options in addition to the existing five – cohort analysis and user lifetime.
  3. Automated and custom insights that use machine learning to identify key trends and discrepancies in your data and sends you notifications.
  4. Faster access to data that you need to see by using the Google Analytics search bar.

New to Google Analytics? Check out this Complete Guide to Google Analytics and better understand your metrics this holiday season.

Source: Search Engine Journal & Arobasenet

News #4: Google Adding More Content to ‘Top Stories’ in Search Results

Google is continuously improving itself to enhance user experience on the search engine by making it easier for people to get the most useful and timely articles available, especially when it comes to News.

For this reason, when you are searching for information on a timely topic such as sports, or latest breakthroughs instead of website links coming up, you will now see a carousel of articles at the top of your Search results, highlighting the most relevant and important news stories.

Phone showing the search results page for top news: before and after shot. ‘Before’ shows NASA news appearing in links and ‘After’ shows the carousel with the most relevant and important news

Image Source: 9to5 Google

To achieve this, Google developed a new story-understanding technology to map various features like people, places and things involved in a news story to draw connections and create groups of news articles. These groups were generated by machine-learning technologies including BERT to understand queries and examine related articles. 

The new update rolled out this week on mobile is the US for English search and will be rolling out in more languages worldwide in the near future.

Source: Google Blog

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