Bing Ads US launches Enhanced Sitelinks

Two years after the search engine Google set up enhanced sitelinks, it is time for Bing Ads to launch them in the United States. Let us remember that these enhanced sitelinks propose two additional lines just below the link. It is an extensions of announcements, except that instead of having a line, you will see a larger, more relevant and descriptive ad.


Enhanced sitelinks will be activated for only high quality ads in the top position and the feature is not yet optimal for every network. However, according to Bing Ads, advertisers who have tested enhanced sitelinks saw “click-trough rate rice 27%, without any significant CPC change”.

Eliot Li,  program manager for Bing Ads reports that they “are still experimenting how to optimize the user experience for Enhanced Sitelinks across the Yahoo Bing Network”. It will explain why a part of the network has not been yet enabled in the feature. Enhanced sitelinks are now only available in the US and will roll other markets through the end of the year !


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