Adding mobile rank tracking on search engines


For over four years now, myposeo tool is constantly evolving and try to meet up to your expectations. Today, you can track your ranks on 4 engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing & Baidu) and over 300 extensions. We also take into consideration 36,000 french cities and expect to do the same in other countries. To go further, we just added mobile tracking.

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myposeo V2, a full of promises new version

It’s been a long time we’ve talk about a big update of myposeo. Before christmas, and with a lot of delays, we updated the tool and add some great features that you will for sure really like. Let’s do the tour of myposeo V2.

Global graphic and ergonomic update

As our first myposeo version was dated from april 2010, we worked hard on our user interface and html integration. We have now a responsive design that allow you to use the tool on big screen with a 100% width.

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SERP position on Google : how does myposeo count ?

Hi fellow SEOs,

We had some users asking us why they found some discrepancies in the SERP position between myposeo and manual checks or results from other tools. Most of these differences  are in fact due toour parser (the part of our tool that goes on Google to check your rankings) and its advanced features. The main one is the Universal Search support where any result is independent.

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