myposeo V2, a full of promises new version

It’s been a long time we’ve talk about a big update of myposeo. Before christmas, and with a lot of delays, we updated the tool and add some great features that you will for sure really like. Let’s do the tour of myposeo V2.

Global graphic and ergonomic update

As our first myposeo version was dated from april 2010, we worked hard on our user interface and html integration. We have now a responsive design that allow you to use the tool on big screen with a 100% width.

New tool entry

The myposeo’s main menu is now different and allow you to work on a URL without selecting it on every page. You can now consult the dashboard, the rank tracking page and all URL information in a row. Analysis is detailed for every project with a submenu.

You can always manage reports, users and configuration on the main menu. Our support is also still available.

Actual features updates

Google Analytics sync

Google Analytics synchronisation was developed with the old oauth method which was difficult to manage. We updated it with the oauth2 method which is safer and easier to maintain. You are invited to change your GGA configuration in the dedicated menu and enjoy data we get from the tool in the dashboard and rank tracking pages.


A new submenu have been added to manage alerts directly in a URL project. You can now see the global rank tracking evolutions in a single page and manage your email alerts configuration to receive your reports.

Rank tracking page update

We deleted a old view to manage keyword groups and add a select input to help you manage your keywords. You can select keywords with the checkboxes on the first column of the rank tracking table results and do some actions :

– compare keywords evolution on a chart

– export selected keywords

– copy keywords selection in an other group

– move keywords selection in an other group

– delete keywords selection

This unique page is easier to use and allow you to administrate your keywords list faster.

Evolutions and new features

SEO-Analytics Dashboard : global SEO analysis

The new dashboard is a huge feature that will help you to analyse rank tracking and performances evolution on all your websites and on different levels from all the website to keyword groups.

We add great indicators as the POSrank, the total of search volumes on all added keywords, trafic and analytics conversions. The datepicker can be used to analyse visibility evolution from the date you started to use myposeo and the chart display a comparison of different KPI as TOP1, TOP3 and TOP 10 number of keywords.

detailed and complete blog article about the new dashboard will be written soon.


Indexation is the first thing you check when you want to be in Google’s results. This is why we add an indexation following chart that show indexed versus positioned URL. You can now see if your website is present in Google’s index and if people can find it on the keywords you added in your myposeo’s rank tracking account.

Next updates

We are working hard to update myposeo every two weeks. Our next versions will soon include :


As we setup a partnership with the famous Majestic SEO tool, we will add backlinks and refering domains count in the next dashboard version. You will find backlink count evolution as a line chart too.

Competitors view

We are going to develop competitor’s analysis in order to give more and more information about competitor’s websites as POSrank,  TOP1, TOP3 and TOP10.


Thank you for reading our news. Let us know if you have any features suggestions. We will talk and think about it.


Alexandre Sigoigne

CEO and co-founder of Myposeo, I am passionate about data, marketing, analytics and innovation.

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