myposeo SEO affiliate program launch


Since a little while, we are working on it and the entire team is proud to introduce you her new SEO Affiliate program !

How does this affiliate program work ?

We don’t want to explain what’s a affiliate program but a reminder is always good.

Affiliation allow a merchant’s website (myposeo in this case) to promote its catalog on an affiliate website (partner). In the myposeo case, affiliation allows you to promote our online rank checker tool using banners, emailing, direct links, etc. In return of this highlight, you can receive a 20% commission for every myposeo packs purchased thanks to you!

The myposeo affiliation cycle

Partners advantages :

A 100% free program : the suscription on our affiliate platform is completely free.

A targeted marketplace – a real need : if your website is about search engine optimisation, performance measurement, e-marketing, analytics or e-commerce, your readers will be really interessed by an online rank checker, which answers to a real need for SEO reporting.

An optimized conversion funnel : Your visitors can test for free all the tool’s features for 15 days, without having to enter a credit card number.  After this, our tool will encourage the visitor to upgrade his account easily on the backoffice. This will assure a great conversion rate.

High conversion rate  : myposeo offers are nonesuch on the online rank checker market. So, you could benefit of a high conversion rate and a nice commission!

Favourables commissions : we propose up to 20% commission on the sell price of a myposeo premium pack bought thanks to your banner or link, the purchase count up to 30 days after your visitor clicks. There is no limit of commission because our offer are up to €2500! You could earn up to €200 for a big purchase !!

If you have a blog or a website, let’s be partners! It doesn’t cost ANYTHING and you couldearn a lot. Check our SEO Affiliation program by now.

Alexandre Sigoigne

CEO and co-founder of Myposeo, I am passionate about data, marketing, analytics and innovation.