Migration or redesign a website, why use an SEO rank tracking tool?


When you redesign your website or your e-commerce, you need to pay particular attention to your site’s SEO. Although it is easier to keep the traffic generated by other sources (AdWords, display, social network, emailing), migration or redesign mean it is not always easy to maintain its position in search engines. We invite you to discover how … Read more…


Pixel Ranking, why it is essential?


The American giant Google is constantly testing and adding new features to its engine due to the increasing evolution of searches and machine learning. These developments sometimes completely modify the composition of the results page (SERP) and therefore the natural results position. Being first in SEO is not always synonymous of good visibility these day. This can be explained … Read more…


4 reasons why you have to track your keywords’ ranking in search engines


The challenge of every webmaster or website owner is ranking it on search engines, and especially on the first page, in order to generate traffic which will allow it to make its objectives (sell, be known, be contacted, etc.).

Given that a website is indexed in search engines, and that that brings it visitors, it is important to monitor its ranking’s evolution in search results by means of a rank tracking tool. But why? This article gives you 4 reasons why.

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How do you choose the right SEO keywords?


The choice of targeted keywords for a website forms a major step during the implementation of an SEO strategy. To drive maximum traffic to a website during its launch, we try for example, to avoid overly competitive keywords and keywords with only a poor search volume. To start, you need to identify and select keywords related to the business sector of your website. It is necessary … Read more…


Unlocking Google Analytics’ not-provided information with myposeo


For nearly 3 years, the web analytics tool Google Analytics has not shown us the requests (keywords) typed by internet users into search engines that led them to our sites. This is extremely compelling for many reasons, mainly because this lack of visibility does not help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We invite you to discover how myposeo and its tools can help you to unlock the not-provided information and find keywords that will generate traffic.

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