How to choose myposeo tools and offers ?

You’re currently on a free test of myposeo rank tracking solution or your offers has just expired and you would like to renew by taking advantage of news tools ? This article is here for you. It will allow you to choose your account and understand the vocabulary used for the constitution of our new online offers updated at the beginning of 2015.

Make up a myposeo offer

The myposeo offers are made as follows:

  • Selection of tools (among 5 proposed)
  • Number of keywords
  • Number of credits
  • Number of users and additional administrators
  • Logo, reports and interface customization options

You will need to determine each of these points to create your myposeo offer.

Choose myposeo « tools »

Myposeo new version is composed of 5 tools divided into 2 categories

Audit tools (punctual)

  • SEM market analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • SEA Audit (Adwords)

Performance tracking tools and alerts (over time):

  • SEO tracking
  • SEA tracking (Adwords)


Each of these tool has its utility as part of implementation or analysis of your visibility on search engines. They can stand at various times to help you in the optimization of your SEO and SEA.

The punctual audit tools be more privileged for the search of keywords, your website analysis and your competitors presence. The tracking tools allow you too notice your presence and the evolution of this one over time in SEO and SEA.

Unlimited SEM analysis

The SEM analysis tool cost 39 € HT / month and allows unlimited number of analyses on domains or analyzed keywords.

Choose a number of « keywords »

« Keywords » are only used in SEA and SEO tracking tools, to define the expressions you will be able to monitor the ranking on search engines daily. They are distributed on the different URL (websites) that you add to your account. the number of of websites is not limited but the number of keywords should be selected as part of your offer. You can choose from 75 to 2500 with the 75/150/300/500/750/1000/1500/2000/2500 levels according to your need. For higher volumes, it will be necessary to pass by a commercial contact.

Example of different keywords (expressions)

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner with bag
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner

Keywords are counted as follow:

  • An expression added on 1 engine + extension + device (computer or mobile) = 1 keyword
  • An expression added on 2 engines or two different extensions = 2 keywords
  • An expression added for your website and an additional competitor = 2 keywords
  • An expression added on desktop and mobile = 2 keywords
  • An expression added on two different geo-localizations (cities) = 2 keywords

It is important to understand the manner of calculating the keywords to select your offer. By default, the SEO and SEA tracking tools are available with 75 keywords. Note that when an expression is removed from your list, you can add it back into another URL or on a different engine. Do not hesitate to test the free offer of 15 days.

Choose a number of credits

Credits are used on SEO and SEA audit tools. The mode of operation is different because of their punctual use.

By default, myposeo offers you a volume of 50 000 credits/month whatever is the selected tool. This volume seems consequent but can be consumed very quickly. Credit debit detail on the tools is:

SEO Audit: X  audited keyword(s) on Y pages = X*Y credits

SEA Audit: X keyword(s) follow(s) Y time a day during Z days = X*Y*Z credits

A volume of 10 000 credits allows for example to realize:

  • An audit on 1000 keywords and 10 depth pages of Google (1000*10 = 10 000)
  • An SEA Audit of 250 keywords 4 times a day during 10 days (250*4*10 = 10 000)

To exactly determine the necessary volumes, you have to anticipate your needs to have a sufficient number of credits for adding campaigns or creating audits of competition and / or market. You can however add it at any time in your account.

Feign and select an offer

Our offers and price page allows you to feign a configuration according tools + keywords + credits chosen in this one. Note that you can make a commitment on 1/3/6 or 12 months (with 10% discount for any engagement 12 months). This allows you to build and offer that will evolve over time.

Develop its offer

Know that you can develop your offer at any time with myposeo and you only pay difference between your previous offer and the new subscribed. Do not hesitate to start with a minimum volume then develop it.

Renew your old ranking offer

If you had previously an offer including only myposeo SEO rank tracking, you must select the SEO tracking. Selecting the number of keywords will be made in step 2. You will find the same composition of offers that for your old account.

Ask us your questions

For any questions concerning our offer, we invite you to pass by our live chat available online, by phone +330972265237 (Alexandre commercial manager) or directly by our support for registered users. We are happy to help you to make the right choice.


Marketing manager @myposeo, community manager and writer.

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