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Discover all our use cases dedicated to Market Analysis, SEO / PPC Audits, SEO / PPC Rank tracking and Reports tools


How to export my SEO Audit Data?

Given the high volume of data collected by our SEO Audit tool. Myposeo has an enhanced export feature that allows you to extract specific data according to your needs.


Audit configuration and analysis of competing ads

The PPC Visibility Audit tool provides you with competitive mapping of your keywords.


Data Studio: Synchronisation and Report copy process

In this case study, we explain how you can sync your Myposeo data with Google Data Studio and how to duplicate a report’s template.


Track Identical Keywords Ranking from any Location

This case study will teach you how to set up a local SEO Rank Tracking project. A key feature of this tool is to help you monitor and improve your visibility on keywords, based on geographical locations


Comparing SEO Positions on Desktop and Mobile

For instance, if mobile represents a significant part of your traffic and/or of your revenue, it might be interesting to track yours and your competitors’s keyword positions on this particular device.


Why should I use SEO rank Tracking tool for Website Migration or Redesign?

Learn how rank tracking tools can help ensure your website visibility and SEO performance are always present and your position has not fallen.


4 reasons to track your Keywords’ Rankings On Search Engines

Given that a website is indexed on search engines bringing it visitors, it is important to monitor the evolution of its rankings in search results with a Rank Tracking tool. Why though? Read the article get 4 reasons why!


Unlocking Google Analytics’ “Not-Provided” Information with Myposeo

Learn how Myposeo and its tools can provide you with Google Analytics’ “Not-Provided” information and find traffic-generating keywords..


Find competitive Landing Pages on a Common Keyword

you must add a competitor of your PPC campaign for this feature to function correctly.


Find and Add Competitors to PPC Rank Tracking Campaigns

Myposeo’s PPC Rank Tracking tool allows you to monitor your PPC campaign in real time.It also lets you spot your key competitors and add them to your PPC Rank Tracking campaign. You can monitor and compare performances with your own.


Display Options in Custom Report Tables

Here is a series of tips about display options in custom report tables.

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