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Pixel Ranking Case Study

Myposeo’s Pixel Ranking revealed that Company X’s site was not visible above the fold as it had been pushed down the SERP due to Universal Search and Rich Snippet results appearing above them. After 3 months of monitoring and adapting SEO content, the number of keywords triggering a Featured Snippet result increased.

As a complement

(In French) Webinar: Taking advantage of pixel positions for your SEO strategy

In this webinar, we will get down to the nitty-gritty of SERP analysis and the use of pixels and ranking elements to define which opportunities should be prioritised in an organic (and paid) visibility strategy.

Wite Paper: The SERP Competitive Environment using Pixel Ranking

Discover in this white paper the most striking changes recently observed, but above all the techniques and indicators to follow and analyse in 2021 to identify the right ranking opportunities and prioritize your content and SEO strategy thanks to the results pages.

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