Local SEO Tracking

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Tracking physical points of sale

When we talk about the issue of localised tracking, what exactly are we referring to? We want to know the ranking of our physical points of sale in search engines for a given location (a particular city) and terminal, SERP results being personalised based on those two factors

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(In French) Webinar Local SEO

Myposeo joins forces with Partoo and Quill to talk about local SEO in a webinar.

(In French) Webinar: Monitoring of points of sale

Find out how to track the ranking of your geolocated points of sale in Myposeo

Local SEO tracking in Myposeo

Myposeo’s SEO tracking module enables you to monitor a site’s visibility and ranking within the search engine results at a local level.

White Paper Local SEO

Download our white paper on local SEO "Understanding and optimising your local SEO".

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