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(In French) Webinar: How to integrate organic results from Google's merchant center

Google Shopping evolved at the end of 2020 to allow the integration of product feeds for free in its merchant centre. The aim is to offer e-commerce site owners the possibility of integrating the results of this vertical engine. In our webinar, you will discover the history of the creation of this product engine, the current state of the possibilities and how to start your campaign while monitoring your performance. Translated with (free version)

Google Shopping tracking in Myposeo

Google announced in April 2020 that in addition to PPC results within the Google Shopping tab, there will be organic product listings in the SERPs of Google USA. September 2020 and it was announced by the middle of October it would roll out organic listing into the Google Shopping tab worldwide. Myposeo constant innovations and developments means you can now track and monitor all the Google Shopping SERP results providing powerful insights with the interactions of the paid and organic results. Together with a view of the competitive landscape.

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