OnCrawl new Myposeo partner

The Myposeo team is proud to announce its new partnership with Oncrawl. In light of our new partnership, Myposeo was granted a short interview with OnCrawl’s founder and CEO, François Goube.

Here’s what he had to say.

Can you introduce us to the OnCrawl service?

OnCrawl is a technical SEO platform dedicated to SEO audits tools and daily monitoring for corporations. The solution supports more than a thousand customers across 66 countries with improving their organic traffic, rankings and revenues by opening Google’s black box. Vistaprint, Canon, Lastminute.com, Forbes and other major companies use OnCrawl’s services.

Driven by a strong technological mindset, OnCrawl provides search marketing professionnals with easy access to critical data through dashboards and reports that support the entire search engine optimization process. The company has already completed two fundraisers to become the leader in SaaS-based SEO solutions.

For the past three years, OnCrawl has been voted for Best SEO Tool at the European Search Awards and has also won the 2019 Best SEO Tool award at the Us and MENA Search Awards.

What inspired you to create OnCrawl?

The project was born out of an industrial association that we set up with Cdiscount in 2013. We had two opportunities:

The first was that you couldn’t exploit the potential of Big Data technologies if you didn’t add a semantic dimension. It allows you to understand the meaning of data sets or collections.

Secondly, we wanted to evangelise technical SEO to small companies as well as big players. So we opened Google’s black box for as many people as possible.

Who are your customers?

We currently work with more than 1,000 customers accross Europe and the United States, including half of the top 20 French e-commerce companies. OnCrawl offers both small businesses and large corporations easy access to data to meet SEO challenges of the future.

Our clients include e-commerces sites, online media and SEO agencies like Cdiscount, Forbes, Vistaprint, Lastminute.com, or L’Oréal, to name a few.

What is your business model?

Our business model works on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

What are your goals for this year?

We have many projects in 2020. New features for OnCrawl, mainly around machine learning and data science, will be introduced very soon. We Will also continue to expand our set of connectors this year. On a more corporate level, OnCrawl continues to grow because we are currently recruiting several sales, support, marketing and tech personnel. In fact, all our offers are available on this page.

How do you think OnCrawl complements Myposeo?

OnCrawl and Myposeo allow us to cover the entire SEO scope, from content to site architecture to search result positions. OnCrawl focuses on the technical aspects of SEO while Myposeo covers the entire keyword strategy. OnCrawl is therefore an excellent ally for Myposeo to help you optimise your SEO!

Finally, what do you offer to Myposeo users?

We offer one month free subscription for any subscription.


Marketing manager @myposeo, community manager and writer.

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