Myposeo Pro

Myposeo helps agencies & professionals
to drive their customers performances

Search marketing automation is quite simpler!

The different SEO & SEA tools

Analyze & audits


Observe and compare the results, keywords of your customers with those of their competitors.

Benefit from a positioning analysis on campaign objectives.


SEO / SEA Audit

Keywords Suggest


Find and select keywords to optimize SEO strategy.




Keywords Suggest

Rank tracking


Monitor and manage daily SEO tracking campaigns with a selection of keywords.

Access an overview of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

SEO/SEA Rank tracking

Custom reports


Access customized reports for the best control of SEM policy.





Myposeo Pro is more than 3,000 expert SEO users in France and Europe

Key features overview

All the features you can use with our 7 tools, to track and report your customer’s SEO & PPC performances.

Daily rank tracking

Mobile & geolocated

Up to 300 countries

SEO & Adwords results

Google, Bing, Yahoo

Youtube, Images, Videos

Keywords suggestion

Majestic SEO data netlinking

Google Analytics synchronisation

Search Console connected

CSV & PDF exports


White label

Users and administrator access

Pixel ranking EXCLUSIVE

Technical support

How to use Myposeo Pro?

All our use cases dedicated to Myposeo Pro’s SEO and SEA Analysis, Audit and Monitoring tools.

What they say about Myposeo Pro


I like to use Myposeo. It’s possible to know the number of positioned keywords between 1st and 5th position, and between 5th and 10th, and beyond. It gives me a good photography of all keywords performances. The interest of such a tool, compared with Search Console, is to be able to realize competitive benchmarks on a field where sometime gain or loss of rank in results can be important.

Lydia Arzour

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