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Support your customers in the development of their online strategies

You are an agency, you pilot the SEO strategy of several companies, you want to aggregate different types of reports from a few hundred keywords to tens of thousands, here is the Myposeo Agencies offer



Observe and compare the results, keywords of your customers’ sites with those of their competitors.

Get a positioning analysis on their campaign goals.




Find and select keywords to optimise your customer’s SEO strategy


Keywords Suggest

Rank tracking


Track and manage daily SEO tracking campaigns with a selection of keywords.

Access a view of the effectiveness of your customers’ marketing campaigns.

SEO/PPC Rank tracking

Custom reports


Access customised reports for the best management of an SEM policy



Myposeo Agencies has over 200 expert SEO users in France and Europe

Key features overview

All the features you can use with our tools, to track and report your customer’s SEO & PPC performances.

Daily rank tracking

Mobile & geolocated

Up to 300 countries

SEO & Adwords results

Google, Bing, Yahoo

Youtube, Images, Videos

Keywords suggestion

Majestic SEO data netlinking

Google Analytics synchronisation

Search Console connected

CSV & PDF exports


White label

Users and administrator access

  Pixel ranking EXCLUSIVE

Technical support

How to use Myposeo Agencies

What they say about Myposeo Pro


We have been working with Myposeo since the very beginning of the adventure, it is an essential partner who has contributed to the growth of our agency and an essential tool to monitor our clients’ performance.

Philippe Plana
Leader- SEOh

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