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We have been working with Myposeo since the very beginning of the adventure, it is a key partner that has contributed to the growth of our agency and an essential tool to monitor our customers’ performances.

Philippe Plana
Executive Director- SEOh

We have been using Myposeo’s keyword monitoring and reporting tools for a few years now. We manage nearly 300 projects and monitor them on a weekly or daily. This monitoring allows us to adapt our SEO strategy and let our clients know of any changes.

Yannick Socquet
Associate Director - Brioude Internet

Myposeo is the heart of our monitoring and is the first tab that we open in the morning. Many changes have been made recently that I will have to take a look at to understand the new potential of the tool.

Matthieu Moreau
Founder - Netemedia

Myposeo is one of the rare tools that can track large volumes of keywords from different countries of the world, on a daily basis, on various devices: mobile, YouTube, Images etc. Additionally, the tool syncs with Google Analytics, Search Console or Eulerian. The audits and SEM analyses allow us to carry out market studies to assess the organic visibility of other players present on search engines and sponsored lined in a particular industry.

Alexandre Garnier
Founder and CEO - AWE

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