SEO Audit

SEO audit : SERP visibility

Myposeo Pro’s SEO Audit is a powerful module allowing you to perform a comprehensive and complete analysis of all actors’ ranking in a market on search engines.

Create an SEO Audit

Create your audit by defined number of keywords and depth accurate analysis be able to go to 10 pages.

Choice of keywords

Choose up to 2000 keywords to audit and sort them by groups and choose your engine.

10 pages of data

Myposeo performs a collection of all present results up to 10 deep pages.

Dozens of indicators

All custom indicators of competition and visibility are calculated by our algorithms.

A quick synthesis

You can view your data in the form of graphs and boards for all present websites.

How SEO Audit works?

The audit starts from an analysis of a list of keywords, calculate their positions in the search engines and also detect the other positioned websites. The depth of analysis may extend over 10 pages.


Competitive analysis

  • List of the most visible and best ranked actors
  • Detailed analysis by keywords
  • Environment pages (SERP)
  • Compare visibility

I want:

  • To know all the actors of a market
  • To compare the website’s presence to its competitor
  • To know the best ranked websites on Google

SEO Audit KPIs


Attendance rate allows to know the number of keywords on which an advertiser is present. A website present on 2 keywords on 10 has 20% attendance rate.


PosRank is an unique indicator from 0 to 100, allows to know the website’s global position on a set of expression. 100 being the best possible score (if all website’s keywords are in 1st position).


Find out positioned domains 

Find out all positioned websites on the first 10 pages of Google for your semantic field.

Many relavant indicators allow to sort the most present actors on SEO and PPC strategy by your keywords (POSrank, attendance rate, number of positioned keywords, average position etc.).


Audited keywords analysis

Perform an analysis of audited keywords to know exactly the composition of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google’ knowledge graph, AdWords links, Universal Search or number of ads on each page will provide you a unique comprehension of search engines.


All pages and ads posted in search engines.

Detect top-ranked landing pages for your competitors’ websites. Get all posted ads by Google on search results pages.

SEO Audit presentation

How to use the SEO Audit tool?

Check out our use cases dedicated to the SEO audit tool. Learn how to use Myposeo in order to track and optimize your website’s visibility.

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