PPC Rank Tracking

Myposeo's PPC Rank Tracking module enables you to analyse and accurately monitor the competitive environment for Google sponsored links on a daily basis according to your list of strategic keywords.

PPC Performance Tracking
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Create a PPC Rank Tracking Campaign

Find out who buys your strategic keywords and monitor your positions.

Keywords Selection

Select the exact keywords on Adwords to start tracking your competitive environment.

Detailed Analysis

PPC Rank Tracking performs checks on the first page of Google at a defined and close frequency (every 5 minutes).

PPC Visibility Tracking

Our real-time reporting feature allows you to understand how well displayed your website is, on search engines and the evolution of your ranking.

Key features of PPC Rank Tracking

Visibility and performance analysis of Google Ads campaigns through positions on your keywords.

  • Overview
  • Keywords
  • Pages
  • Ads
  • Competitors
ppc rank - overview

Summary of the Evolution of your PPC Campaign

The PPC Rank Tracking module shows you the evolution of your adwords campaign and search engine statistics on a daily basis.

By accumulating all the data (from ads and websites) on the first page of Google, the PPC Rank Tracking tool maps out the competition and showcases a number of KPIs (share of voice, presence rate, coverage rate etc.)

ppc rank - keywords

PPC Keywords Tracking

Track your website’s ranking on selected keywords from Adwords and see reliable and independent data from the search engine.

Myposeo checks and tracks each of your Adwords keywords, whether fold or brand, and delivers unique statistics to complement the data offered in Adwords.

ppc rank - pages

Tracking of URLs and pages ranked in PPC

Discover the pages detected on all your keywords purchased with different position and audience indicators.

ppc rank - ads

Composition of results

All ads are recorded in Myposeo’s Adwords tracking system to give you an insight into the techniques, keywords and choices made by your competitors in writing their adverts.

By discovering all my competitors’ AdWords ads I can then adapt my campaigns.

ppc rank - competitors

Who are your PPC competitors?

Find out who your PPC competitors are globally and by theme.

Compare your performance in terms of budget, attendance rate and coverage rate.

Main KPIs measured

Find visibility on Google Ads positions thanks to our SERP tracking tool.

Coverage Rates

The Coverage Rate refers to the number of ads visible in comparison to the total number of ads present on the results page, multiplied by 100.

Presente Rate

The presence rate shows the number of keywords on which an advertiser is present.

Click rate

The Click Rate refers to the rate at which a site will have users clicking through to them based on their ranking.

Share of Voice

The share of voice in the PPC Performance Tracking module refers to the number of ads that are visible in comparison to the total number of ads present on the results page, multiplied by 100.

Cost per click

The average cost per click of the search term if it was purchased on Google Adwords. Data received from Google Planner.


The Budget is the estimated amount spent on keywords, the group or the site. It is an indicator internal to the tool and based on traffic estimation and average cost per keyword.

PPC Rank Tracking Case Studies

synergies seo sea
SEO/PPC synergy in Myposeo

In this case, we will be highlighting the synergy between SEO and SEA (PPC) in search results pages. We will see, step by step, how Myposeo Insights can increase your performance and maximise your ROI by combining data collected using the two methods.

migration https
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

In this article, we will take a look at how to set up tools to help you keep track of your migration, measure its effect on ranking and be notified of any possible issues.

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