Myposeo Connector 

Connector: Google Data Studio

Import all your SEO data from Myposeo to Google DataStudio and create powerful and complete dashboards with metrics from your personal account.


How it works

Retrieve your Myposeo API key

From your Myposeo account retrieve your API key and the IDs of the projects and sites you want to analyse.

Activate our connector

Activate and set up the Myposeo Connector from Google Data Studio with previously retrieved information

Synchronise data sources

Synchronise global data on the domains and keywords of your projects

Create your custom reports

You can now create your own reports using the full power of our SEO data.

What is the purpose of a Google Data Studio Connector?

Google Data Studio connectors allow you to pull data from a variety of sources including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Sheets. This allows you to centralise and create dashboards that cross-reference data from different solutions.


Need help with your Google Data Studio reports?

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