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PPC Visibility Audit

Myposeo's PPC Visibility Audit module provides an accurate analysis of the competitive environment on the first page of Google Ads sponsored links for a selected number of keywords with a frequency of every 5 to 120 minutes. Analyse your competitive environment and invest your budgets more effectively.

PPC Visibility Audit
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Create a PPC Visibility Audit

Run an analysis over a given period of time to find out which competitors are buying your Google Ads keywords.

Choose Keywords

Select the “exact” keywords on which you want to carry out your audit and discover your current or future competitors.

Choose Collection Frequency

The PPC Visibility Audit collects data from search engine pages every 5 minutes.

Performance Analysis

You can analyse all your competitor, their presence and visibility over a specific period of time.

Key features of PPC Visibility Audit

Collect, group, analyse and define the best bidding strategy to optimise your Google Ads spend.

  • Overview
  • Domains & Competitors
  • Keywords
ppc audit - overview

A accurate analysis of the competitive landscape

The analysis of AdWords campaigns in real time gives you summarised report of the overall competitive environment of your Paid Search campaigns.

The collection frequency (every 5 to 60 minutes) allows an accurate analysis with concrete indicators.

ppc audit - ranked domains

Analysis of Competitive Presence through Ad groups and keywords

Analyse the competitive environment at an Adgroup level to assess each of your audited keywords, to get an accurate idea on the competitive presence and coverage on Google results.

ppc audit - keywords

Learn more about PPC campaigns

Purchased ads or keywords, average positions or presence and coverage rates. You will have data on all your competitors’ PPC campaigns and keywords.

The main indicators of the Google Ads audit

More than 30 indicators to help decision making and competitive analysis Google Ads.

Trafic Rate

Estimated traffic rate that a site generates in relation to the maximum traffic it could generate if it was ranking in the 1st position.

Average Position

A calculation of the average position of your keywords and groups on a weekly or monthly period.

Search Volume

The search volume corresponds to the monthly number of user queries made for a given keyword on a search engine.

PPC Visibility Audit Case Studies

case study pixel ranking
Pixel Ranking Case Study

Myposeo’s Pixel Ranking revealed that Company X’s site was not visible above the fold as it had been pushed down the SERP due to Universal Search and Rich Snippet results appearing above them. After 3 months of monitoring and adapting SEO content, the number of keywords triggering a Featured Snippet result increased.

synergies seo sea
SEO/PPC synergy in Myposeo

In this case, we will be highlighting the synergy between SEO and SEA (PPC) in search results pages. We will see, step by step, how Myposeo Insights can increase your performance and maximise your ROI by combining data collected using the two methods.

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