SEO and SEM reports

Netlinking and SEO Analytics Reports

Create, compile and customize performances and visibility reports into your myposeo account and join data of all tools (SEO/SEA Tracking, SEO/SEA Audit and SEM Analysis).

Create visibility report

Create your custom personalized report by including the most relevant data for your SEO reporting.

Organize your standard report

Create and move your lines and blocks slipped / deposited to organize your custom report.

Choose your visualisations

Choose shaping and visualisations of your data (tables, graphs, pie chart, etc.).

Automate your reports

Program and receive your weekly or monthly reports and focus on analyzing statistics.


Custom SEO and analytics reports.

Create and customize your SEO performance and visibility report in search engines

I want:

  • To have SEO automated reports
  • To customize the shaping of graphs
  • To display dynamic data
  • To create template reports
customization SEO report myposeo

Quick and easy customisation.

Customise and create via a system of slipped / deposited and comments so that your customers and collaborators can analyse and take advantage of ranking data and collected audience by myposeo.

I want:

  • To create lines and columns
  • To choose pages
  • To comment my graphs and reports
  • To organise my reports by tab / sub-tab

Myposeo analytics reports are synchronized with…


Reports presentation

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